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Skin Problem

I did not have any idea how sensitive my skin really was. Ever since I was born, I did not have to pay a lot of attention to it since my mom always did the job for me. And because I was blessed with good skin when I was younger, I became too confident and didn't think that anything would affect it in the future.

My skin before was not easily irritated nor did it develop any scarring from any wound that I got. But as time passed by, dramatic changes happened. It all started with chicken pox... I had the virus at 22, so I'm sure you can just imagine how devastated I was to have the disgusting spots all over my body. I tried everything I know to prevent any scarring, up to the point where I spent thousands! Some of the things worked, but some of my scars were just so severe that there was no way I could get rid of them anymore.

Just when I thought the worse is over, I was wrong! I got pregnant and delivered my perfect little baby boy last September. I was very careful with my skin since I already have an idea as to what my happen if I get too bug during the pregnancy. I applied lotion and cocoa butter to my skin to avoid stretchmarks. But, I was too lazy to do my whole my body everyday! It was very hard to put it all over me since my belly was mostly on the way. So, I have red and purplish stretchmarks from the back of my legs up to my belly.

I don't know what to do with stretchmarks. I was okay with the ones on my stomach however, I am really bothered with the long thin ones behind my legs. First I thought they were just varicose veins so I didn't mind them and thought that they would eventually go away... Unfortunately, as I got a better look at them... I found out that they were stretchmarks too! I didn't know people can get stretchmarks on the legs too. I am really frustrated with they look since I am light skinned for a Filipina, so the stretchmarks really stand out. It's so hard to hide them because I rarely wear pants.

Can somebody there help me with this? I know stretchmarks are most probably permanent... But is there a way where I can help it blend in my skin tone?

Don't let this happen to you. Take good care of your skin, it's the largest organ of your body...


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