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Our First Month with Eli

If it weren't for my husband, I wouldn't realize that it has been one month since my baby Eli was born. I guess Eli has really gotten us very busy over him over the past weeks. We're somehow adjusted by now, but I feel like he's changing his routines every now and then too, so it's kind of hard to keep up.

He's getting to the stage where he doesn't sleep as long as before. We consulted that with his doctor since we thought that he might be feeling something uncomfortable. But the doctor told us that it's normal because this is the time when he's taking in the fact that he is no longer inside mommy's womb. Now, he's starting to wander and look around since everything is new to him.

I feel like he has grown a lot. He's been gaining weight every week which is good because I read that newborns generally lose weight for the first 2 weeks of their lives. But our Eli seemed to have missed that note.

As I was reviewing his pictures, I was able to notice the change with how he looked. I was so surprise to realize hoe much he grew over the days. I think his face is changing as well. He looked so much like my husband when he was born, but now that he has fats, he's starting to look like me. :D

I wish our family and friends can see you soon. Everyone is very excited for you.


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