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My Hip Grandmother

I am in California right now with my husband staying at my aunt and grandmother. It's been a while since I last saw them so I was really excited to see them again. Especially to my grandmother who has always known how to make me laugh out loud.

My husband hasn't had the chance to meet my other relatives in Batangas because we had to leave for the US right after our wedding. So when I finally followed him back here, I got to introduce him to my relatives here instead first. I'm happy that he got to meet my grandmother first amongst everyone else since she is getting really old.

To give you a background about my grandmother, she's an 80 year old woman who had lives most of her life in the province where old habits are still being practiced. She's a typical old lola that enjoys showbiz buzz and neighborhood gossips. In addition to this, she can be very tactless. Her hearing condition made that side of her worse because she doesn't realize that she's saying her thoughts out loud for everyone else to hear.

There were a lot of times where she would actually say negative things about a person while he or she is there without her knowing that she's being heard already since she doesn't know how loud her voice gets when she's whispering or a telling a story.

Anyways, my grandmother was kind enough to be nice as she can during the whole time she spent with my husband which made me surprised. :D

But right after my husband left for work, she goes talk to me and say (in Tagalog):

" Does your husband have any relatives that are celebrities? "
Then I replied, " None that I know of, why? "
"He looks like Nyoy Volante who was the Ex-Boyfriend of Nina!'

I was laughing my butt off when I heard her say that! I did not thought that the Filipino Channel has that great influence to her while she's staying here in America... Now, it's no surprise to me that she's more updated with what's happening to celebrities in the Philippines compared to me who has been living in Manila all this time.


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