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Movie Review: Tangled

I've been wanting to watch Tangled as soon as I knew that Disney had created their own version of the very famous tale of the princess named Rapunzel. Unfortunately, since I had to work... I didn't had the time to actually see it in the theater.

But fate took its course... While I was on a 11 hour flight from Korea to Dallas, the airline I was aboard on had the movie in their movie list. So I grabbed that opportunity and finally watched it.

Disney never really fails in reviving the child within our hearts. They added a great twist to the story that we were so used to hearing when we were still kids. They managed to follow the storyline of the classic princess tale while injecting in a few ideas of their own.

Over all, i really loved it... I'm not quite sure if I cried in the part where Eugene was about to die in Rapunzel's arms because of the hormones of the pregnancy or was I just really touched when he told the her that she was his NEW DREAM... Magical! I had to act simple while I was wiping my tears away since I was seated beside an old man during the whole flight. I didn't want him to think that I was crazy or something. LOL!

Anyways, a must watch with the kids and the whole family. Thanks for another great movie Disney!!!


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