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Hello and welcome to my site. A personal page for me to blog about my experiences, spur of the moment thoughts, feelings, travel, and etc. I hope you have fun reading my entries as much as I enjoyed writing them. Please feel free to leave your comments and messages.


A long time ago, nurses were obliged to wear long dark colored skirts with a matching long sleeved top and a big nurse's cap. The style evolved slowly into a white dress with short sleeves. Only operating room nurses were allowed to wear scrub suits whenever they were in the operating area.

However, at this present age, a lot of hospitals use scrub suits as their general uniform for the medical staffs because they can move more freely and it actually costs less.

I experienced the difference between the two during the time I was working for a hospital outside the city. The white uniform was much presentable and cleaner to look at compared to the usual scrub suit, but it was hard for lot of us to maintain it during our shift. Putting on multiple layers of clothes can be very uncomfortable, especially if you’re living in a tropical country such as the Philippines. The white traditional nurse's uniform required too much under garments. Aside from the underwear, the ladies were required to have a white pair of stockings and a chemise underneath. Not unlike when we just have to wear nursing scrub uniforms, it was more comfortable to move and run at any given situation (which is pretty important in our line of duty).

Nowadays, nurses at the same time with doctors are mostly wearing hospital scrub uniforms during their duty. Because of this, there are various scrub suit styles available at any medical uniform store that allows you to have it accustomed to whatever you like.

The other night, Filipinos were all out supporting Charice who made her debut appearance on the world known US original series, GLEE.

The musical series Glee made a great impact to people of all ages. It surprisingly became a phenomenon for this generation. Because our very own Charice Pempengco was able to join this very prestigious show, it gave the Filipino Gleeks another reason to stare at the TV for almost a whole hour.

Looking back at history, Charice was n0t as popular and accepted before. Her biggest break was during the time she sang for Ellen and Oprah after they scout her from Youtube. Because of this, I bet those 3big time executive producers are very regretful right now since they let a star as big as Charice walk out of their stations. It's sad to know that little girl before tried so hard to reach her dreams in becoming a famous singer, but her own countrymen did not let her. It had to take someone from another land to appreciate what Charice really has to offer.

Now that Charice is being build up by the most influencial woman in the world, there's no stopping this determined little lady. And since she's undergoing intensive training under David Foster, you expect only the best.

I can't forget the scene in the first episode of Glee season two where Charice, playing as Sunshine Corazon had a glee-off with Rachelle in the girl's bathroom.

Honestly, both stars have high-grade quality. But their personalities and tenchniques are so different.

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Kissimmee Tourism. All opinions are 100% mine.

Dad and I have been distant for the past few months because we're both very busy at work. So, we planned a US vacation some time on the 4th week of October.

We are set to visit San Francisco and Chicago on our 3 weeks stay. However, while surfing the internet last night, I came across a wonderful vacation place in Florida as well. I've always wanted to go there since I know they have Disney World which I heard is better than the Disneyland in Anaheim. I've particularly picked Kissimmee because it's basically in between of all the places and events we want to go to. Aside from Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World Orlando are near the area as well.

Magic Kingdom

Visiting the world known theme parks in Orlando doesn't stop the fun there because Kissimmee has an entertaining night to offer for all its tourists as well. Old Town for example is a great way to have that ultimate old American experience. I'm sure my dad will be enjoying that part of the trip most since we'll get to see vintage cars and traditional restaurants. This gives us the chance to actually have a feel of the real Kissimmee history.

Entertainment Zones

In terms of accommodation, I've decided that we stay in a motel instead. Apparently the town has very nice establishments that can allow us to have nice rooms at more affordable rates. Saving up some cash from the rooms will mean more money to spend for shopping and dining.

Now, I can't wait for October to come. Got to start preparing.

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Filipinos are always fond of singing. That's why we got to embrace and appreciate the technology of karaoke. It wasn't until just a few years back when it was presented with a TV that can give you the lyrics while you sing along the tunes.

Because of this, there's no fiesta or house parties that didn't have a vid-oke set available for the guests. And other than the said events, family ktv bars are available at each corner of the city. You have the choice to either rent a private room and sing your heart away with your friends or share the stage with other strangers who have to drop a five peso coin on the machine's slots.

My friends and I are able to enjoy this as well. We seldom rent a place for the night where we could have good spirits, delicious food, and a matching waitress to serve us everything we need. Although we sing the same songs over and over again at times, we don't really feel the redundancy since we like what we're doing while in each other companies.

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