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Hello and welcome to my site. A personal page for me to blog about my experiences, spur of the moment thoughts, feelings, travel, and etc. I hope you have fun reading my entries as much as I enjoyed writing them. Please feel free to leave your comments and messages.

This year, summer is even hotter than ever. It's hard to go out now because the heat from the sun is so cruel. Staying inside the house does not alleviate the discomfort either (well, not unless you have the airconditioner on 24/7).

If we feel hot, I bet our pets feel hot too. Imagine if you were covered with fur all over??? We're already very sensitive to the heat at this stage, what more if we had more hair? Because of this I'm sure you can now imagine what your pets are going through. My shih tzu for example has mood swings lately. He used to be very playful at anytime of the day, but because of the weather, he usually just sleeps in the afternoon.

Our pets can't do anything for themselves, and they can't say what's on their mind either. So let's have the initiative as responsible pet owners to make their lives a little easier. What I do for my dog are the following: I sprinkle some water on my dog's face whenever I feel that it's too hot. In addition to this, I offer him a bowl of cold water every now and then (more often than the usual). Then just recently I fugured that I should give him a bath more. Instead of his once a week bath, I guess it's ideal to increase that into 2 or 3 to compensate with the frustrating heat. Another good option would be trimming their hair so that they could cool off more fast. It's best if you check on him more so that you could easily detect any problems. Put in mind that extreme heat can lead to certain diseases, heat stokes, or deaths.

This will be much appreciated by your little babies. ;)

Maybe this link can be helpful to you too... Summer Heat and Health Hazard for Pets

Make or Break

I did my best... Now, all I can do is hope for the best and place everything on God's hands.

It was such a relief to know that this was the last day of my IELTS exam. The first part of the test was held in Dusit Thai hotel, Makati last Saturday (April 17, 2010). Then, I took the second part of the exam in Paseo De Roxas, Makati earlier today.

In the first test date, hundreds of the examinees (including me, of course) took the listening, reading, and writing exam. Basically, the whole test lasted more almost three hours. There were no breaks allowed in between the said exams so it was very draining. I found it hard to answer the questions during the second hour of the exam since I was already exhausted. My tiredness peaked at the third test, which was writing because I was running low on energy. I remember feeling so hungry after I was done with all the exams.

Then on the second day, I was evaluated by an IELTS examiner in speaking. It was just a short 15 minute interview. The questions were kind of easy, but your main enemy through it all is yourself. Don't let your nerves take over.

Compared to the other exams I have already taken, this was the least I was nervous about because I got to practice a lot in my review. I took a lot of mock tests while I was studying in Speak Well Las Pinas.

Recalling everything that I have done during the whole course of the exam, I think I could have done better. So, right now I'm just hoping for the best and letting God make his decision.

Trade show exhibits are events where products are displayed and marketed for the consumer's viewing pleasure. This kind of activity attracts a great deal of people, which is why companies join the show in order to stand out from their competition. Planning a small party is hard work enough but organizing trade shows exhibits are bigger much exhausting since there's a lot of things you must also take in consideration.

Aside from the venue itself, you have to think of a concept. Then from there, you can go in to the more elaborate details such as the carpets, curtains, and the stage. People or companies who will be having their display is in-charge of decorating their own booths based from the event's main theme. Every single thing they place in their booth can either make or break them. This is why it's important to have an approachable and unique design. Unfortunately, they will have to work in small spaces most of the time, so it's best that they utilize every item they use for the display. Table covers and skirts for example doesn't only protect the table from getting dirty... If you print the company's logo or name on the cloth, they can also serve as a banner when placed in the middle or front of the booth. The same goes with table top display. Table top displays provide a soothing background for the speaker or representative that will help them attract more customers.

It's good if you could drag your friends along for the job so that it can be done a lot faster. Hiring a certain service that specializes in the area is a great idea also. This is so all you have to do is sit on comfortable directors chairs and supervise.

Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and former United States of America Vice President Al Gore will be visiting Manila on June 8 to present the updated Asian version of "An Inconvenient Truth" in SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex.

Al Gore has been very devoted to his work for the longest time. He was able to reach on to people regarding the real condition of the environment. A lot of countries are affected by climate change. Philippines for example has been experiencing one of its driest, hottest, and earliest summer. Prior to that, who could forget the damages that was brought upon by typhoon Ketsana (most populary known in the country as Bagyong Ondoy)? These are some examples of how climate change can effect us all.

Let's save the world by getting involved. Support this event and be aware of global warming.

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Alvin and the Chipmunks. All opinions are 100% mine.

As a person who grew up in the early 90's, I grew up watching different types of cartoons in the television. One of the most memorable ones was Alvin and the Chipmunks. I could still clearly remember myself doing the best chipmunk voice I can (which I am guilty of until now), or how Alfred would scream Alvin's name when he would cause some trouble.

Now that technology is fast pace, a movie company was able to produce a great movie adaptation of the said series. Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel is a continuation of Alvin, Simon, and Theodore's misadventures.

I watched the first Alvin and the Chipmunks movie with my siblings at home. Most of us are girls, so we kept going on and on about how cute the stars of the film were. Now that the sequel is already on DVD as well, we are very excited to watch it together in our house again. We like watching movies here at home rather than in the movie houses since we get to really lie down and kick it back here.

This movie is really fantastic for the whole family, especially if you have kids around. Children are commonly very talkative and loud. You don't know when they'll be putting up a tantrum. Because of this, it's actually not ideal for parents to take them in movie houses if they don't know how to control them yet. So I suggest for them to buy it now in DVD instead.

The DVD which is available in Blue-ray and digital download, is packaged with an additional singalong disc that will surely give you and your family More Munk Mayhem.

To have more ideas about movies perfect for the whole family, feel free to visit Happy watching everyone!

Visit my sponsor: Alvin and the Chipmunks:

Kittens are very cute. This video lets them prove that they can even be more cuter. I don't exactly remember where I first saw this video before. But until now, I still think it's very cute.

Nowadays, most parents do not have the luxury of guiding their children when it comes to assignments from school because they are already tired from their jobs when they get home. Due to this fact, a lot of them choose to enroll their kids to review classes at school.

The downside of kids having to spend more time in school to attend extra tutoring classes is that they tend to get tired on the long hours that may result to lost of interest. This should not be the case, especially when dealing with younger people. To avoid getting burned out, parents can also consider hiring an Online Tutor for their kids so that they could learn in the comforts of their own home (provided with a computer and a stable internet connection that is).

Because of the tight competition amongst online review courses right now, Free Online Tutoring is made even more possible for trials. This allows you to make sure that your child is getting the right type of education.

In addition, online tutoring makes use of a different approach to their students. Since everything is being taught through the computer, they make sure that the lessons are fun, easy and challenging at the same time. A good example is Math help and Math Problem Solver. A qualified Math Tutor will be assigned to a student to provide excellent Math help. Moreover, an Online Math Tutor will have a one on one session with the student.

With various packages to choose from, parents have the convenience of choosing whatever type of term they think is perfect for their child. This may save them more money and time as well. Math Tutors Online are also available to assist the student with their home works any time of the day.

Aside from Math, online tutoring companies offer other subject too. You can never go wrong on investing on the younger generation's education.

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