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Hello and welcome to my site. A personal page for me to blog about my experiences, spur of the moment thoughts, feelings, travel, and etc. I hope you have fun reading my entries as much as I enjoyed writing them. Please feel free to leave your comments and messages.

Yesterday was my baby Miko's 8th Birthday! We didn't get to celebrate it outsude the house since I had to do a lot of errands first. So hopefully, I can bring him somewhere over the weekend. :) He's pretty old if converted to human years.

I'm very happy that he became part of the family. We all are looking forward in spending more years to come with him. We love oyu Miko. Happy happy birthday! :)


I’ve suddenly realized that it’s Miko’s birthday month already. Mikois my shih tzu. I’ve written about him plenty of times in my blog. He’s turning 8 years old on the 29th. If you convert it to human years, he’s actually 54 already. That’s old… That’s why I treasure every moment with him. He still looks very good and young despite of his age. A lot of pet owners say that he has been taken good care of since he doesn’t look like his age at all. We are all very thankful that Miko’s still active and health up to this time. Too active at times even! :))

I don’t know how we will be celebrating his birthday this year. Last time, we jsut took him out to Tiendesitas. I’d love to take him there again but it’s too hot. I don’t want him suffering from the heat or something like that. Any suggestions?

Because of the many harmful chemicals we add on our food, it is hard to distinguish whether a certain ingredient is good or bad for out body.

Due to this fact, pharmaceutical companies have produced a variety of supplements as well. Instead of finding a cure for complicated diseases, we should pay attention to health promotion. Prevention of illnesses can save you the trouble and money.

Protein Supplements such as prostat for example can help strengthen the human body. Protein aids the body's natural defense against harmful microorganisms. Protein supplements in liquid form are now available in the market. Their forms today are more tolerable since they are better tasting and more concentrated. Making it easier to drink or take compared to before.

Aside from strengthening the body, protein supplements help you compensate with the lost energy caused by strenuous activities. Using protein supplements can replace the energy you have lost in faster process. Therefore, it can also be recommended for athletes. In addition, people with tissue damage or skin trauma may increase protein intake by eating meat and drinking supplements in order to recover more quickly. This is because protein is one of the essential compounds needed for wound healing.

But before anything else, make sure you consult your physician about this first.

My good friend took her NCLEX-RN exam two months after I did. I'm glad that she also passed! We went to the review together, so I got to see everything she had to go through as well. All our hard work had paid off! Now, we are both one step closer to our dreams!

When traveling, you should always have cash on hand for emergency purposes. There is no certainty of what is going to happen when you are out.

However, there will be times when you are not able to carry around money with you. But this should not cause a panic if you have your credit card readily available. The advantages of credit cards are countless. Credit cards are as good as cash! Since money is just circulating amongst us, sanitation is a big issue. With credit cards, you and the person behind the counter are the only people who have to touch it. You can just wipe the card with a piece of cloth after each transaction prior to placing it back in your wallet.

It wouldn't be so long when all the stores in the world will have access on this type of payment method. Small businesses up to now here in the Philippines for example, are still using the old basic calculator. Accepting credit cards may attract more customers. In addition to this, credit card companies have alliances with various popular companies that may allow the credit card holder to pay in a specific installment term. This saves you the trauma of shelling out the full payment in one drop.


Since I have reviewed for IELTS, I realized that there are various types of reading. For the exam, I need to be just doing some scanning in order to conserve time. Ever since I had studied for my NCLEX-RN exam, I had the sudden urge of reading a book every once in a while. I thought I was already good at it since I understood everything I've read so far. But as I take the mock tests every week, I seem to land on the same band score each time. I always get a 6, when the passing band score for the Academic module is 7.

It's relly frustrating. Plus, I have to worry about the other areas like Speaking and Writing (which is more difficult). As the days pass, the closer I get to the exam date. I hope I do well. I think I'm doing well though. My test results just don't back that up :(

Eyes deteriorate as the whole body age. Presbyopia is an inevitable medical condition greatly suffered by older people. It is where the eyes progressively lose focus on closer objects. Treatment for Presbyopia may be by just wearing the appropriate eyeglasses or contact lenses. But sometimes surgery is also raised as an option.

This does not mean that younger people are at less risk developing visual disturbances. Aside from Presbyopia, there are a lot of other illnesses that affects the eyes. Hyperopia and Myopia are common examples. These certain medical conditions can affect anyone at any stage of their life. Hyperopia is called “farsightedness“, in layman’s term. It is where an affected person experiences difficulty in looking at far objects. Myopia or “nearsightedness” in the other hand is the opposite. Both conditions can be treated by wearing customized eyeglasses or contact lenses. Like Presbyopia, invasive procedure like surgery is also an option.

Because of this, it is highly recommended by medical professionals for us to eat nutritious foods that could help us become healthy. By doing so, we can actually prevent these certain ailments from happening. In the case of Presbyopia, maintaining a fit and healthy body may prolong its occurrence.

Wearing flipflops are practical during summer. It is very comfortable and easy to slip on. Because this year’s summer has been the hottest so far, a lot of people are all pumped up to go to the beach in order to fully embrace the sun. Having to wear less clothing on the beach does not mean that you could put your guard down when it comes to being fashionable. Don’t allow your hair to be all sticky and because of humid. Make sure that you get an even tan. Don’t be afraid to flaunt your gorgeous body in that sexy little swimsuit. And in my case, walk on the fine sands with a fabulous pair of sandals or flipflops.

"This is a picture of my latest find, authentic Roxy Surf Flipflops. I bought a new pair of slippers in an online store almost one week ago. I’m currently breaking them in. Their almost as comfortable as my other pair which are made by Reef."

The people’s champ, Manny Pacquiao will be facing Clottey in his next boxing match on March 13, 2010 at the Dallas Cowboy Stadium. All the Filipinos are all out support on the very famous athlete. Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao has also been labelled as the “Second Best Boxer of All Time”. Now, he is placed next to Sugar Ray Robinson’s rank. Over the years, Manny have made his countrymen proud. This is why whenever Pacman has a fight, the whole Philippines are watching. The streets here in Manila becomes like a ghost town because almost everyone is out to see his fight live.

A lot of critics are saying are saying that Clottey is the underdog in the coming match. But that didn’t stop him from saying that he can beat the “Pound per Pound Champion”. Because of this fact, I the odds are better for those who will be betting on Joshua Clottey just in case he wins. This very much anticipated fight is now the center of all sports betting event in the Philippines.

I have friends who placed his bet on Manny of course. He has always been a fan of the said boxer. Aside from boxing, my friends would participate in basketball betting as well. This is their only way of gambling... They are very loyal to their favourites. Sometimes, I can’t help myself from loudly cheering for their teams as well.

At least once a year, I deal with a swelling eyelid. Here in the Philippines, we always have the theory that an inflamed upper eyelid are caused by a cockroach bite.

Our house is infested with cockroaches but I'm always just the only one who has to suffer from this all the time. So, I've come to realize that it my case may not be because of an insect bite. With the idea troubling me, I've decided to do a little research in the internet about the said subject.

Apparently, I found out that there are certain reasons why our eyelids swell. It could be a result of an infection, a trauma, a stye (in tagalog: kuliti), or an allergic reaction. A swelling eyelid is always accompanied by pain and redness. It's treatment will entirely depend on the cause. You might use antibiotics if it was because of infection, antihistamines if it was due to an allergic reaction, and just hot compress so it could swell down.

I don't know what caused mine, so I'd probably just settle for the harmless home remedies. I hope it goes away soon. I need to attend my classes for the IELTS review. :(

As I've mentioned from a previous post before. My mom just bought me a new Compaq Presario laptop for passing the NCLEX-RN exam. We bought it almost three weeks ago. I'm using it to help me review for my IELTS examination on the 17th of April.

Ever since a permanent OS got installed in the laptop, a few glitch had suddenly appeared. It suddenly turns off every now and then. It's really irritating because it seldom happens whenever I'm in the middle of something.

Then, after a while I've also realized that the battery life of the laptop is very short compared to the other laptops here at home. That's kinda a shame because amongst the three laptops here in the house, my laptop was the latest. It should be performing better than the rest since it's new. My Compaq Presario only lasts for two hours and a half. And that's just by surfing the internet.

I'm planning to take it back to the store in the coming weekend so that it could be checked fro factory defects. For those people who has an idea of what's going on with this thing, please enlighten me. Thanks in advance everyone.

I'll be taking my IELTS exam on the 17th of April. It was just earlier this morning when I found out that I applied for the wrong type of exam. Hassle!!! This is how my day went;

I arrived at Speak Well (Las Pinas branch) as around 9:10am this morning. I enrolled for their course, and waited several minutes till the actual class started. I didn't expect the room to be congested with a number of students just like me because I was told that only an average of 10 people attend their class everyday. Since i came early, I got to properly compose myself and anticipate the worst thing that could happen that day. I was preparing myself to get through the loneliness because I didn't know anyone. Then, as students were filling up the classroom one-by-one. I was so surprise to see a co-worker enter the door. She was also alone and was pleasantly surprised of me being there as well. We were pretty close back when I was still working in the hospital back then. This was the first time I have ever seen her since i resigned.

So thankful that I finally had someone to talk to, I didn't realize how truly excited I was. We caught up with each other in no time. I told her when I will be taking the exam. I mentioned that I was taking the General Training test. She was so shocked to hear that because she knew that it wasn't suppose to be the type that I had applied for. What she had said really alarmed me. I was so tense during the lecture because I didn't know what to do about it. So, I decided to called my mom and dad to ask if they could call the IDP office in my behalf to raise my problem. Fortunately, I had a quick response from both. They told me that I should provide the testing office a formal letter of request. I finished it just now. I hope everything could be settled right before my test date... (Oh, God please help me... )

After that mind rattling experience, I managed to calm myself down after a few hours. I was able to focus on the grammar quiz given to us my our lecturer, Mr. Harry right on time. And for your information, i had a perfect mark.

Then, on the afternoon, we were taught about techniques in writing. We were given an illustration of a map where we were asked to describe what it was showing. I didn't quite understand what Mr. Harry was talking about at first. But I got the hang of it as the time was almost over. Because of this, I did't finish the task at the right time. We were instructed to write 3-4 paragraphs about the illustration with proper sequencing of ideas and grammar in under 20 minutes. I thought that I will be having minimal problems in this area of the exam since I have been blogging for so many months now. I was completely wrong with this notion. Apparently, it is really hard to write and come up with ideas under such tight time pressure. I need more practice.

Wish me luck guys! I'm becoming anxious with what's going to happen in my exam now. I hope i do well. Thanks :)

"When you are in Love, you can't fall asleep because reality is better than your dreams..."

- Dr. Seuss

I’ve always dreamt of a beautiful house, where I could settle down with my family. I don’t want to buy something already made. I want to have a say on the design and structure of the whole thing before I finally live in it. I like to keep it as traditional as possible. I want a big lot so that I could still grow flowers in the garden. The house should be surrounded with white low fences on the front along with a wide pathway in the side for the car. I’d like my house to be painted with warm earth colours like yellow or light brown, accentuated with a small copper mailbox right at the side of the main gate.

Even though technology is at its fast pace right now, I still really like it whenever I get snail mails through my mailbox at home. Despite of the fact that there are more convenient ways to receive your letters nowadays, they could never get as much authentic as to the traditional handwritten letter sent through the post office. Because of this, it’s hard to find a mailbox in the market right now that offers both quality and style. So, some people are fond of making their own instead.

Ecco mailboxes
have lived on to this idea. They have a variety of mailboxes that can fit any home. An ecco mailbox will surely add that special spark to your house. You can choose from designs like the traditional mailboxes that can be mounted right in front of your gate to an ecco wall mount mailbox. Feel free to check their different styles like the following;

ecco e4 mailbox

ecco e6 mailbox

ecco e7 mailbox

ecco e8 mailbox

Hurry and check them out while they're on sale with free shipping. Happy shopping everyone! I hope this could help you complete your home's whole look.

Due to the unusual climate change happening all around the world right now, every country is experiencing the deviation. Last year, two well known super typhoons had hit the Philippines that lead to hundreds of deaths and millions of dollars worth of damages.

The scorching heat of summer is being felt by all of the Filipinos as early as February of this year. When summer usually starts at mid March or early April. Because of this, the whole country has been adjusting. Certain areas in the Philippines are currently experiencing random black-outs since electric companies are forced to close due to the overwhelming heat that's plaguering upon us.

Aside from this, the El Nino phenomenon is right at its peak at the moment. Lands are dried up leading to the lost of crops. Even the water saved from a number of dams here in Metro Manila is alarmingly decreasing its level, causing certain areas to have disturbances with their water ration. We here in Paranaque are highly affected by this as well.

I think, despite all of these... People, most especially the students will not be discouraged from having fun this summer even with the intense heat! Enjoy your summer everyone! Happy Travels!!! :)

A lot of Americans right now are forced to deal with their bad credit. Maintaining a good credit score is very important. This is often checked by companies whenever you're applying for a loan or any instalment plans.

Sometimes, you really can't avoid late payments with your countless monthly bills. And due to the ongoing retrogression, a lot of employees had been terminated or laid off. Therefore, making it more difficult for some of us to settle what we have to pay on time.

Many people are saying that once your credit score had gone bad, it's very hard to put it right back on track. Some even say that in some cases, it's impossible! But there are ways to improve credit score. It’s just that, a lot of credit repair companies would either charge too much or take so long before you actually see results. This is why I'm very cautious in regards to this. If ever this happens to me, I wouldn't have any idea as to how to fix my credit score. Plus, at the age of 23, that'll seem pretty embarrassing.

But now that a surprising big number of people are actually dealing with this kind of problem, there are affordable and trusted services out there to help you. With their assistance, it’ll be easy for you to apply for that business or house loan you’ve always wanted with only minimal interest. All of these are within your reach despite of getting a bad credit score before.

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