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Vid-oke Madness

Filipinos are always fond of singing. That's why we got to embrace and appreciate the technology of karaoke. It wasn't until just a few years back when it was presented with a TV that can give you the lyrics while you sing along the tunes.

Because of this, there's no fiesta or house parties that didn't have a vid-oke set available for the guests. And other than the said events, family ktv bars are available at each corner of the city. You have the choice to either rent a private room and sing your heart away with your friends or share the stage with other strangers who have to drop a five peso coin on the machine's slots.

My friends and I are able to enjoy this as well. We seldom rent a place for the night where we could have good spirits, delicious food, and a matching waitress to serve us everything we need. Although we sing the same songs over and over again at times, we don't really feel the redundancy since we like what we're doing while in each other companies.


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