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Charice on Glee

The other night, Filipinos were all out supporting Charice who made her debut appearance on the world known US original series, GLEE.

The musical series Glee made a great impact to people of all ages. It surprisingly became a phenomenon for this generation. Because our very own Charice Pempengco was able to join this very prestigious show, it gave the Filipino Gleeks another reason to stare at the TV for almost a whole hour.

Looking back at history, Charice was n0t as popular and accepted before. Her biggest break was during the time she sang for Ellen and Oprah after they scout her from Youtube. Because of this, I bet those 3big time executive producers are very regretful right now since they let a star as big as Charice walk out of their stations. It's sad to know that little girl before tried so hard to reach her dreams in becoming a famous singer, but her own countrymen did not let her. It had to take someone from another land to appreciate what Charice really has to offer.

Now that Charice is being build up by the most influencial woman in the world, there's no stopping this determined little lady. And since she's undergoing intensive training under David Foster, you expect only the best.

I can't forget the scene in the first episode of Glee season two where Charice, playing as Sunshine Corazon had a glee-off with Rachelle in the girl's bathroom.

Honestly, both stars have high-grade quality. But their personalities and tenchniques are so different.


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