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Sellers have tapped every social networking websites right now just so that they could fully promote their products. Aside from ebay, Sulit, and Amazon, business owners have taken full advantage of Facebook and Multiply as well.

I love online shopping because i think it's more convenient and cheaper, compared to if you exerted a lot of effort going around the malls you could possibly reach. However, because of this trend, a lot of online businesses became abusive amongst their clients or prospect buyers. I think I could really talk about this issue since I have personally made numerous transactions through the internet myself. I already had a feel of both ends. And I think, sellers have the upper hand most of the time.

There are a lot of sellers right now, most specially in Facebook who sells their products 400% higher that the actual price. I find it weird how some people go for this because nowadays, clothes that are being sold online here in the Philippines mostly just came from Bangkok. Since online sellers have the same supplier, their basically just selling the same thing.

Going back to the Facebook issue, I get really ticked off whenever online shops tag me in the photos of their products. I find it too aggressive since they do it without without even asking you permission therefor bypassing your authority. In addition to this, there online sellers have taken unnecessary actions towards their clients who do not keep their end of the bargain. For example, if one of their customers do not settle their payment for the item they've reserved within the allotted time, they post their pictures on the "BOGUS BUYER" list and tag other users in the network socializing website. This is very embarrassing. I have never been included in this list before but I feel sorry for those who end up in it. Imagine, having your picture posted in the world wide web for random people to see. It actually looks like "wanted" ad.

Also, the terms and conditions online sellers have in their websites are out of this world. This is an example of the basic policies they implement:

  • Full payment first before shipping.
  • Reserved items are considered SOLD.
  • Failure to settle payment within 3 days of reservation shall be placed in the BOGUS BUYER album.
  • Once shipped, the seller is not liable for any loss or damage during shipment.
  • No BOGUS BUYERS! Save yourself from SHAME!

(These are just some of the basic policies of online shops available in the internet right now. I have copied this from various sellers in different websites.)

Upon researching the matter, I've found out that these terms and conditions are illegal in the country. In the consumer's act of the Philippines, customers have the right to return a product once it's defective. Because transactions are done through the internet, we could only appreciate the items by looking at their pictures. We can't be a hundred percent sure if the seller did send us a product in great condition.

Online sellers do not pay their taxes and most of them are not registered in the government so there's no way to know for sure if their legitimate or not. I don't understand how something that's not registered in the government and who does not pay taxes could be this demanding.


  1. Elsa said...
    shame on them... i really get irritated whenever i am tagged like that.... really annoys me!
    Anonymous said...
    hi! i am one of those people who were actually posted as a joy reserver in facebook.i really felt bad seeing my profile and my pictures posted on that store online,being a buyer was just thinking twice before i get the product.I think its inappropriate they got all my information online on facebook. I didnt fill up any forms yet nor send any money to them. the item i inquired is on hand and why should they consider me as joy reserver. If there's only a way i can sue them i will do it.
    Bailey Baretto said...
    yes. it's very irritating. if i were in your place, i would've done that. scare them out of business for doing something as cruel as that! ;)
    Valga said...
    I do agree. Who gave them the right to do that? Hmpf. It's like the items they're selling are very, very valuable and nice. They even post foul words against these people. What is wrong with these people
    Anonymous said...
    I AGREE. I really regret ordering from ALBAY ONLINE SHOP. I reserved the items last thursday and they only have 2 days reservation. Now it's satrday and I'm asking them if I could pay on Monday since I'll have my money this evening and there's no way that I could pay them bec. Of the delayed process of my money from US. I know it's my fault to reserve the item without money but due to some circumstances,she should consider my situation since I will be paying this monday. But they got mad already saying that I have to pay today or else they will post my photo as bogus buyer tonight. So even if I'm going to pay this monday, my photo will still be posted. I had an online shop before but whenever there are situations like these from my customers, I still manage to understand them. But now, I have to borrow money from someone just to pay them. :( and I hate borrowing money. They're not considerate and they are so rude while communicating with me. I'm not going to buy any items from them again

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