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Pets Feel Hot Too

This year, summer is even hotter than ever. It's hard to go out now because the heat from the sun is so cruel. Staying inside the house does not alleviate the discomfort either (well, not unless you have the airconditioner on 24/7).

If we feel hot, I bet our pets feel hot too. Imagine if you were covered with fur all over??? We're already very sensitive to the heat at this stage, what more if we had more hair? Because of this I'm sure you can now imagine what your pets are going through. My shih tzu for example has mood swings lately. He used to be very playful at anytime of the day, but because of the weather, he usually just sleeps in the afternoon.

Our pets can't do anything for themselves, and they can't say what's on their mind either. So let's have the initiative as responsible pet owners to make their lives a little easier. What I do for my dog are the following: I sprinkle some water on my dog's face whenever I feel that it's too hot. In addition to this, I offer him a bowl of cold water every now and then (more often than the usual). Then just recently I fugured that I should give him a bath more. Instead of his once a week bath, I guess it's ideal to increase that into 2 or 3 to compensate with the frustrating heat. Another good option would be trimming their hair so that they could cool off more fast. It's best if you check on him more so that you could easily detect any problems. Put in mind that extreme heat can lead to certain diseases, heat stokes, or deaths.

This will be much appreciated by your little babies. ;)

Maybe this link can be helpful to you too... Summer Heat and Health Hazard for Pets


  1. JENIE=) said...
    very true! they're prone to heat stroke too. infact our dog almost didn't make it. suddenly got so timid, no barks, no food intake...

    imagine all those fur when we're almost not wearing anything with the frustratingly hot weather!!!
    nancy said...
    i agree! wawa naman si doggie...

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