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My IELTS Experience

It was such a relief to know that this was the last day of my IELTS exam. The first part of the test was held in Dusit Thai hotel, Makati last Saturday (April 17, 2010). Then, I took the second part of the exam in Paseo De Roxas, Makati earlier today.

In the first test date, hundreds of the examinees (including me, of course) took the listening, reading, and writing exam. Basically, the whole test lasted more almost three hours. There were no breaks allowed in between the said exams so it was very draining. I found it hard to answer the questions during the second hour of the exam since I was already exhausted. My tiredness peaked at the third test, which was writing because I was running low on energy. I remember feeling so hungry after I was done with all the exams.

Then on the second day, I was evaluated by an IELTS examiner in speaking. It was just a short 15 minute interview. The questions were kind of easy, but your main enemy through it all is yourself. Don't let your nerves take over.

Compared to the other exams I have already taken, this was the least I was nervous about because I got to practice a lot in my review. I took a lot of mock tests while I was studying in Speak Well Las Pinas.

Recalling everything that I have done during the whole course of the exam, I think I could have done better. So, right now I'm just hoping for the best and letting God make his decision.


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