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Upper Eyelid Swelling

At least once a year, I deal with a swelling eyelid. Here in the Philippines, we always have the theory that an inflamed upper eyelid are caused by a cockroach bite.

Our house is infested with cockroaches but I'm always just the only one who has to suffer from this all the time. So, I've come to realize that it my case may not be because of an insect bite. With the idea troubling me, I've decided to do a little research in the internet about the said subject.

Apparently, I found out that there are certain reasons why our eyelids swell. It could be a result of an infection, a trauma, a stye (in tagalog: kuliti), or an allergic reaction. A swelling eyelid is always accompanied by pain and redness. It's treatment will entirely depend on the cause. You might use antibiotics if it was because of infection, antihistamines if it was due to an allergic reaction, and just hot compress so it could swell down.

I don't know what caused mine, so I'd probably just settle for the harmless home remedies. I hope it goes away soon. I need to attend my classes for the IELTS review. :(


  1. BIZZNURSE said...
    Hope you'll get better soon!
    Anonymous said...
    did your eye ever get better? And if so what did you do to treat it?I have the same particular problem and I am in need of help.

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