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May Bukas Pa Finale

"May Bukas Pa", a very popular teleserye here in the Philippines had aired their last episode earlier. For those who has no idea of what I'm talking about, maybe the name Santino would ring a bell. This teleserye is one of my favorites. I loved the concept. It's not your regular drama series every night. It imparted good moral lessons. And the story of a miracle boy having the ability talk to Jesus (Bro) is very interesting.

I was kinda dispappointed with the ending though. It was pretty predictable, but then even at the last minute, I didn't lose hope to the show's writers. I was desperately wishing that Santino would really die in the end. It would've been more dramatical for me. That'll be a real tear-jerker. ;P

But anyways, I guess majority of the show's audience wouldn't accept my suggested alternate ending. Filipinos who enjoy mainstream entertainment is still stuck with the idea that protagonists are meant to portray someone whose a victim that'll slowly rise up from the ground and win.

Either way, I will miss Santino and Bro.


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