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I Have A New Toy

My cousin's husband from Cagayan De Oro bought a brand new laptop from SM Megamall three weeks ago. The laptop was on sale during the time so he got in a really good price. I was so amazed of the deal so I wanted to buy one like it as well. My mom has been thinking of getting another laptop for her since my sister took her Lenovo. Mom just knows how to Google things through the internet, but other than that the computer's pretty useless for her already. LOL!

I in the other hand had been dreaming of getting a laptop of my own for the longest time. Since I just passed my NCLEX-RN exam, I told her that getting my own computer would be a great reward. I've been dreaming to have a Macbook PRO ever since my cousin lent me his several months ago. By the time I was suppose to give it back to him, I tried very hard to let go because I got really attached to it.

Well, I still didn't get a Macbook PRO, if that's what you're thinking... Instead, my parents decided to get me a Compaq Presario laptop from SM Megamall too. Unfortunately, it wasn't on sale anymore so we had to shell out more cash as to compared to my cousin-in-law. I didn't know anything about the specs and features when it comes to buying a computer, so I let my dad handle it.

So, right then and there... I went home with my very own brand new laptop. This still won't shut my dreams up of having a Macbook PRO in the future. I guess I'll settle for this one for the mean time. Don't get me wrong, I love it with all my heart, but it just look too manly for my taste. Although, I'm sure I could work something out to make it look more girly for me. Anyways, bottom line is... I'm really very very happy. Now let me break this in!!!


  1. kimmy said...
    wow! i'm really happy for you. i got mine second hand from an uncle, hehehe..
    lina@women's perspectives said...
    Congratulations on your new laptop...hope you will get your dreamed Macbook PRO laptop one day :)
    Headphone Adapter said...
    compaq laptops are really awesome.
    ihave been using it from a pretty long time.
    and i am very happy by its performance.

    Headphone Adapter
    Bogie said...
    wow! that's a pretty good toy!
    nicquee said...
    That's one pretty toy!

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