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Dear John Book Review

I didn't know that Dear John, a novel by Nicholas Sparks had existed until I saw the trailer of the upcoming movie last week. I wanted so much to watch it right after I've seen the teaser. But then, I figured I should read the book first. For some reason, I love reading now. Weird?? Because back when I was a kid, I never felt any enthusiast whenever I had to open one of my textbooks. I was a student who relied more on what the professors would discuss because, I absorbed everything better that way.

So, I started reading the book the other night and just finished it yesterday. Part I of the book was really dragging. It dwelt more on the romance between John Tyree and Savannah Ann Curtis. I'm usually not entertained with those kind of things... Which is another weird thing, because I'm a girl. :P But anyways, as I've reached reading Part II of the book, I couldn't let go of it anymore. I felt I had to read it all the way now since everything became interesting. I cried a lot when John found his dad with Asperger's syndrome in a severely weakened state, literally hanging on to his dear life alone in his house when he got back from Germany. I could imagine myself feeling very helpless if I was in his situation. Knowing that your only family is very ill, and you can't be there to take care of him yourself since you're very far away.

As for the outcome of John and Savannah's love story... I was a bit annoyed with the fact that John had been a martyr all through out the relationship. I wish an emotion as strong like that amongst men could really exist in reality. John gave up everything he had to make Savannah happy. Which I think she didn't deserve. But I guess, true love really does that to you. You set yourself aside to make the one you love happy. For some reason, there's this feeling of satisfaction in your side whenever you realize that he or she is smiling because of you...


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