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To Sell or Not to Sell

Back when I was still studying, I always had extra money from my allowance. I really save up so that I could buy whatever I like. In my case, I love buying clothes and shoes... As I was cleaning my closet, I've realized that I can't fit anything in there anymore. I don't have space for the new stuffs. And the sad part of it is, more than half of all the clothes inside my closet aren't beeing used anymore since they're already out of style.

I'm a pack rat. I can't seem to throw my old things away. Whenever I have the urge to do so, I unconsciously convince myself not to do it by saying, the clothes may come to style in the future again. I'm sure a lot of girls out there are dealing with the same problem...

I've always thought of organizing my own garage sale. But I'm really hesitant about the idea. Maybe I just couldn't let go of the stuffs I have. And I can't bare the fact that I should sell my clothes in a very low price. When some of them were only used once or never even used at all. Besides, I don't know a thing about selling... :(

Could anyone give me advise on this? Thanks in advance my blogger friends. :D


  1. analou said...
    I think having a garage sale is a good idea. Me too has this attitude of can't let go the old stuff I have. But my hubby told me that its better to sell it or give it to the needy so that somebody can use it before the rats, termites and other insects will eat it. Afterall, the money u incurred out from selling your old stuff can be used in buying new things for yourself or for your loved ones.
    nicquee said...
    I'm a pack rat too but I have managed to get rid of clothes and other stuff that I really can't use anymore.

    I took a picture of them, posted in my multiply account with their dimensions and price. In that way, I don't even have to market them. I price them the way I think they should be. Yung di ako manghihinayang na binenta ko siya. Besides, I can use the money to buy new stuff, right?

    Sometimes, you just have to let go of the things you love.
    Bogie said...
    In my case, I let go of my stuff by giving them to my relatives... and to those people who are really in need. Even though it's hard to let go... but I felt very blessed every time I give. I always have this happy feeling inside of me every time I give. And what's more amazing... God has never stopped adding new stuff each time I give. As the saying goes.. "Give and it will come back to you". So don't hesitate to let it go... I am all the more happy to see my clothes being utilized by someone than having it stored for years with no use at all. :)

    Have a nice day!
    peenkfrik said...
    Letting go always seem the hardest thing to do. I have the same dilemma. I have tried trimming down my closet so many times but I still have a lot. I'm still trying to get rid of stuff.... I know this is sounds crazy but if you can't sell them, try giving them to people you know and people who really need it. After all, we don't get to wear everything in a day.

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