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Theory and Kids

This entry was entirely influenced by a great commercial I saw in the Science channel the other day. It'll be a lot better if I could embed the video here for you to appreciate it, but unfortunately, I couldn't find the clip in the internet.

Anyway, it was a commercial about kids and theory according to Albert Einstein. The genius scientist concluded that theories should be understood by children no matter how long nor complex. If kids couldn't understand the main concept of a theory, then the theory MUST be WRONG. Everything could and should be explained to a child according to their level of understanding. It could be through pictures, demostrations, and lectures...

It makes a lot of sense right? So let this be a continuous reminder for us to never underestimate a child's ability to cope and accept knowledge. We as adults, encounter more complicated stuffs and situations but the matter of fact is, WE just actually make it seem that way... ;)

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."
-Albert Einstein


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