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November 2009 NLE Results

I took the national licensure exam last June 2007. Fortunately, I passed after just one take. The anxiety really doesn't stop right after the exam itself. I expereienced more agony while waiting for the results. It's so frustrating! During our time, we got the results at the last week of August. We had to wait for almost three months. But you can't blame the Philippine Regulatory Commission (PRC) for the delay since there's really a big number of exam takers each semester.

I have a couple of friends who were held back a few years because they constantly failed the exam. They have no choice but to take the NLE over and over again until they finally pass. They too were amongst all the nursing graduates who took the exam last November 2009.

It'll be February in a few days, but we still don't have any idea about how they did. So, I took the liberty of researching when the results would come out. PRC claims they will be announcing the test results within this quarter. I think they'll be releasing it pretty soon. One time while I was surfing the internet, I read an article saying that all the test papers are already graded and that PRC are now just encoding the results. I really wish my dear friends would pass. They really deserve it. Everyone's praying for them.

Please feel free to subscribe to my blog if you wish to be updated regarding this matter. I too can't wait. :) Good luck everyone!

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  1. nicquee said...
    I have friends who took NLE last November too. I hope PRC will release the results soon.

    Good luck to all our friends!

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