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Haiti Earthquake

The devastating earthquake in Haiti is truly devastating. Imagine how the locals are doing out there at this very moment... Because of the tragedy, they have a serious shortage with water, food, and medical supplies. According to the news last night there are already 50,000 confirmed deaths. Up to now, rescue teams and locals are still on the search for those reported missing.

The earthquake had destroyed a lot of structures that resulted into people having to sleep on the floors of the streets. The hospitals are overwhelmed by the large number of casualties. Help is coming all over the world. Each country has a contribution. It's really beautiful whenever nations set their differences aside to help the people. This natural disaster takes us back to the wrath of typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng in the Philippines last December 2009 where a big number of Filipinos died and lost their homes. Filipinos are still in the road of recovering, this is I believe one of many reasons we sincerely sympathyze with what had happened to the Hatians. Despite of the crisis going on in our country at the moment, we are still deteremined to help. The world is a better place if we take care of the people.

Let us all pray for the people of Haiti...


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