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Hello and welcome to my site. A personal page for me to blog about my experiences, spur of the moment thoughts, feelings, travel, and etc. I hope you have fun reading my entries as much as I enjoyed writing them. Please feel free to leave your comments and messages.

Typhoon Ondoy shocked the whole Philippines by lashing out over a month's worth of rain in just a span of three hours yesterday, early in the afternoon. 90% of Manila got flooded. There were a number of areas that was greatly affected by the said typhoon.

Local channels created an ongoing watch that updated the relatives and family members who were just worried sick at home. Filipinos was caught by surprise by this unfortunate disaster. All we could see in the television yesterday was dozens of videos and pictures of people staying on the roof of their 2 storey houses just to keep themselves as dry as possible.

I am so grateful that my family's safe from this terrible event. Me and my mom were left in the house alone yesterday, waiting for the others to arrive safely. My dad was stranded in his office in Quezon City. They had no electricity and food the whole night. My sister was stranded in her school in Makati. Centro Escolar University provided them with shelter and food during their overnight stay. My other sister was safe in her dorm in Dasmarinas Cavite. But my brother in the other hand was stuck in Sucat while he was on his way home. We got more worried with his situation because he had to endure the heavy rain and the chest-high flood all by himself on the road. I was so happy to see him past midnight. He told me that he got very lucky by riding a jeepney who knew a different route. He commuted from school to the house for almost 12 hours. Then, my dad and sister got home the morning after.

There are still people who are stranded in their own tight little spaces until now. Some businessmen were kind enough to convert their establishments into a temporary refugee camp. The government was able set aside their other issues and gave out action as fast as they could. There might have been a lot of delays in their part, but we should remain hopeful for this country needs the unity of its people to survive this natural disaster. Let's all be strong during this devastating tragedy.

Collaborated Video Clips in Youtube.
Here you can hear different reactions from people who had witnessed the wrath of Ondoy first hand. There were a group of students who were laughing in the background during the last clip. May their conscience haunt them forever.

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I visited Baclaran church for the first time last night. It's one of the most famous churches here in the Philippines because of it's appearance, holy figures, and history. Some of the church's devotees even claim that the church have displayed numerous miracles over the years.

Getting inside Baclaran church if you have a car is such a hassle. I had to go through a really narrow street that was manifested by a lot of people. It was traffic and congested all at the same time. But the travel was well worth it. I got to go inside the church and touch some of the beautiful and sacred statues on the altar. Being there felt so good.

During that time, I felt so bad seeing so many beggars right outside the establishment. One man gave alms to a certain woman as he was about to leave, then the others came right after. A large number of beggars stormed the man asking him to give them money too. They pulled his barong and smothered the poor guy. I can see that he got pissed because of it. I would probably feel the same way too if it had happened to me.

Anyways, over all... I'm very grateful to have had the chance to finally go there. I think I'm even very lucky since there weren't a lot of people in the church during the time because it was a Tuesday. I would definitely come back soon, hopefully to stay for mass.

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" God places the answers you seek right in front of your face... It's either you don't look hard enough or you purposely cover your eyes so that you couldn't see it. He already laid out his plans for you. The rest is your choice. "

--- Bailey Baretto :)

My Dream Watch

Back when I was still in high school, I only wore a pair of gold earrings as my everyday jewelry. But during the early years of my college life, I've learned to never leave the house without a wristwatch as well since I was taking up Nursing. From there, I started collecting watches to fit any given occasion or mood I was in.

My mom noticed my fascination with this so she always looks for fine watches that she could give me for birthdays and Christmases. I can't afford to buy myself the luxurious brands yet, but that doesn't stop me from dreaming to have my own Patek Philippe in the future. Patek Philippe watches had been around for so many years. Their the pioneer when it comes to manufacturing wristwatches in fact. Their known for their timeless and elegant pieces. It'll be a dream come true for a watch collector like me to have one of their classic models.

To kickoff Oprah's 24th season in national TV, Black Eyed Peas performed "I Gotta Feeling" in front of a live audience in Chicago. A friend shared this link to me and it took me some time before I finally decided to watch the video.

Isn't this so cool?? The whole crowd was dancing to their song. ROCK ON B.E.P.!! :)

Me and my mom will be expecting visitors this week. Our helper just left us, so we had to make the house presentable all by ourselves.

We have a terrace like area in front of the house, and its floor is made of marble. Because it's rainy season, it got too dirty and dark. My mom couldn't bare the sight of it so despite the fact that she's recovering from a major operation, she stood up, grabbed the mop and swept away. I in the other hand, can't stand her doing the task all by herself, so I insisted on helping. Cleaning together became a great bonding experience for both of us.

My back just hurts now... :(

What Drives Me

Hello everyone. I'm Toshi, the 2 year old laptop that has been behind everything this site has to offer. Like what I do everyday, I help my friend and owner to have a more convenient life. I was with her for 13 non-stop hours today because I had to compute and solve the figures she has to present in a meeting tomorrow. Aside from our occassional cramming to meet certain deadlines, I cater to her every whim by providing her with the connection she needs in the world wide web to support her hobby and pass time.

Basing from what I've already mentioned, I'm sure you could somehow imagine how busy I am everyday. I've been going through the same routine since the moment I got here. I've been asked to do a lot of things all at the same time, brought to uncomfortable places, and worked up to very long hours. Surprisingly, I'm still in prestine condition. I have minimal scratches, and have never been taken to the computer hospital. If I continue working at this rate, I can tell that I'll be giving out sooner or later... Technology's evolving very fast, I feel so threatened with the latest HP laptop models who has better specifications than I have right now. I most envy the HP Pavilion dv4t series who appear more compact and elegant than I could ever be. Plus, they can surely satisfy any new family or person that takes them home with them because of their advanced features.

I love what I've done during the whole span of my life. But I must admit that I'm on my way to retirement soon due to continuous upgrades the new laptops already have instored today. I have no grudges if you choose to purchase the latest from HP for I know their a lot better than I am. Especially with their irresisteble offers of $30 off orders $150 or greater at HP Home Store. Use coupon code SV2132 that's valid through October 31 or while supplies last. Restrictions and exclusions apply.

Thank you for listening to me for a change. Good day.


Just this afternoon, after the 40th day of President Cory Aquino's death, his son Senator Noynoy Aquino formally announced that he will be joining the run for the 2010 Presidential election. I think this is actually no surprise to most of the Filipinos anymore. A lot of people has been encouraging him to lead the liberal party ever since his mother had passed away. This even made Senator Mar Roxas withdraw his candidacy for the same position as well.

I think, Noynoy is a big threat amongst his rivals in the presidential run. He was groomed by the best public political figures that had ever reigned in this country. He was a product of the late President Cory Aquino and Senatory Benigno Aquino. He was already exposed to this kind of life at such a young age.

I'm not saying I'll be voting for Noynoy or something. I just think that it's going to be a really tight race next year. So, I hope Filipinos use their vote wisely, for the country's sake.

For the past few months, I've been struggling to decide whether I should get my own website or not. I've done some research and therefor conclude that taking this step would become more beneficial to bloggers like me who wishes to make profit out of our craft.

If given the chance, I'll be owning my first website ever so I don't want to start on the wrong foot. The challenge of finding the most suitable website hosting provider begins for me.

Fortunately, during my search, I stumbled upon I've learned so much about finding the cheapest and most reliable web hosts currently available out there because of their reviews. I was able to filter my options and properly weigh each, to know where I can gain more. Turning onto them saved me a lot of time and effort. I got to equip myself with some important informations when it came to web hosting, domain names and so much more, which I believe are very vital points I have to understand and know about before I can be a hundred percent sure to entrust my site with the right web host.

I'm so happy that they made choosing a new web hosting service provider such an easy task for me.

I've always loved KFC. Apparently, they've thought of making a sandwich that didn't had bread on it. They've decided to replace the buns with two pieces of fried chicken instead. Just looking at it, feels so sinful already! But what the heck??! I'll try it!

Unfortunately, this is only available in Nebraska at the moment... :( Can't wait for it to hit Asia! hahaha! (pigging out mode)

Well, first of all... I'm really not a Mar Roxas supporter. But I was so surprised and moved when I saw him formally announcing his withdrawal from the 2010 presidential election earlier in the news today. It was such a big and dramatic move in his part after all the campaigning he had already done for some time.

What he did spoke highly of the good values he really had. I believe that this decision made him become the better man in the whole situation. He sacrificed his dream of leading the Philippines to give way for his friend and colleague Sen. Noynoy Aquino.

You can see a smidge of sadness in Mar's eyes during his whole speech, despite of his obvious efforts to cover his emotions up but he handled it with composure and poise. His supporters couldn't help themselves from crying over what has happened. But their admiration for the public figure had just grown bigger as stated after the press conference.

What a noble act from a true gentleman.

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