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Hello and welcome to my site. A personal page for me to blog about my experiences, spur of the moment thoughts, feelings, travel, and etc. I hope you have fun reading my entries as much as I enjoyed writing them. Please feel free to leave your comments and messages.

I'm not a fan of wearing watches before but when I studied for college, I couldn't leave the house without one anymore. Now, I have a small collection of wristwatches for me to use in any type of occassion.

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Skipping my Yummy Sunday tradition so I could give way for this entry...

As mentioned from my previous post, my mom will be having a grand birthday bash in the province over the weekend.

Well, with God's blessing, the party went fun and smoothly. All of her siblings (aside for just one whose in the US right now) was able to attend her whole day celebration in Tanaunan City. As expected, some of my cousins' children was there too... So we made special treats for them to enjoy.

I'm very happy to see my mom and dad having a great time earlier today. A day well spent indeed. :)

I made a presentation for this particular occassion as a gift for my dear mother. And it's my pleasure to share this to you:


Special thanks to these following people:
Tita Baby

Pinoy Celebrity Greetings Grabbed from the following links:
Marian Rivera
Manny Pooh-quiao
John Lloyd Cruz
Anne Curtis
Sam Milby
Gabby Concepcion

Note: Everyone was fully advised of where as to some of the clips that was included in this video originated from. I hope you don't mind me sharing them.

Me and my family are very grateful for all my mom's well wishers, friends, and relatives.

Thank you very very much!!!

First of all, thanks to Ohmygums and Mizhelle for tagging me with this. :)

The first thing that pops in my mind whenever I hear the word old would be a picture of a man or a woman that has wrinkles, dry skin, white hair, big eye bags, decaying teeth, and poor memory. Old is old when you can have 20% discount on any purchase you make, have the privilege to park on the handicapped area all the time, and when you don't ever have to fall in line to make any type of transactions.

But putting aside the physical aspects of this topic, I've come to realize by writing about it just now that being old is a form of feeling too. A state of slight depression that is caused by not being contented with what we've achieved in life or by realizing that one cannot completely function as good as before...

Props to Cathara Main for initiating this brilliant issue.

Now, I am tagging Bogie, Darkhorse, Acrylique, Skippyheart, and Nancy. I can't wait to hear about what you guys have to say :)

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A company that helps you save hundreds of dollars by helping you maintain and manage your property. Real Property Management is surely a brand you can trust for having 20 years of continuous operation under their belt.

In alliance with the National Association of Residential Property Managers, who is consisted of professional staffs who knows first-hand information about single-family and small residential properties, they are able to assure their clients and property/ies are in good hands.

Due to it's success, being able to manage more than 20,000 properties over their years of service... Freddie Mac had signed an exclusive agreement for them to manage REO Rental Initiative, which allows tenants and former owners to choose from more options that are more of in their terms. This will also help the stability of the property's value.

Because of their genuine commitment and devotion to provide satisfaction amongst their clients over such a long period of time, their Midwest branch was able to achieve the "Franchise of the Year Honorable Mention" award. Prior to this, they were already featured in Bizjournal... Who gave Real Property Management nothing but praises and positve feedbacks for opening a lot of doors for new employees and possible customers.

Rainy season here in the Philippines usually happens during the month of July and August. It did rain for a little while on the first week of the month, then extreme heat took place right after.

I'm more of a night person. I like doing things at the later part of the day because lesser people tend to bug me. Because of this, I wake up around 2 or 1 in the afternoon. But now that it's so freakin' HOT here in our area right now, I wake up at 9 or 10 in the morning instead, due to the scorching heat from the sun. Now, I have to deal with waking up to a lot of unpleasant mornings recently because of this. I get a headache every time I arise because of heavily sweating from the weather. We're kinda tight with the budget for our electrical bills as of the moment, so I can't have the luxury of turning on the A/C in my room whenever I just feel like it.

I find it such a challenge to do what I have to do in this kind of condition. This is causing me to become ill-tempered and impatient in some days. I love the rain... But definitely not the stormy, disaster-causing kind... LOL! I wish I was in a part of the Philippines right now where it's gloomy and cool all year long. :) Or better yet, on the white sand beaches of the country... So that I could just easily take a dip in the water and cool off.

There are various activities that we can enjoy when visiting Switzerland. This country is most known for their delicious chocolates, beautiful landscapes, and inspiring history. What most people don't know is that, there's still so much to be said about this marvelous place...

I'd want to have a taste of their national dishes and share them with family and friends. I also would like to go around the old cities and sights to appreciate more of their very colorful past. And lastly, try mountain climbing with professional mountaineers, for their alps are quite well known to be a sure treat for the eyes. What an overwhelming experience would it be to reach the top?

From the countless ways on how you could Discover Swiss "Pearls" to the fullest, these are my Top 5 favorites that I would like to share to you:

1. Explore Geneva by Boat in Geneve : I love river rafting. This will surely be a lot fun if you did it with friends. I can imagine everyone screaming and laughing when riding each rapids. And in addition to the adrenaline rush, I want to capture the beautiful sights from each side of the river.

2. A Day at the Dairy in Hemishofen: How fun would it be to experience farm life in one of their organic farms. Learn and experience how to make cheese and other dairy products from scratch. Freshly baked bread, every morning... Yum!!!

3. A Day in the Vineyards in Mendrisiotto: I so want to taste the wines they have there too. I heard, during autumn season, interested parties can join the grape harvest in the vineyards. Maybe we could have the pleasure of drinking wine afterwards. Literally "fruits of your labor."

4. Mixing Drinks for Ladies in Zurich: What a great "girls night out" experience. After knowing the basic steps on mixing your own cocktails, I bet it's gonna be easy to make our own recipes for future parties.

5. Gathering Herbs in Champery: I want to tickle my senses with the aroma and taste of healthy herbs they have in the valleys? Herbs are not only tasty, some can actually be cures for certain illnesses.

Check out the unique gems Switzerland has to offer... Discover Swiss "Pearls" in your lifetime. It's truly a great place, whether your looking for a great vacation or a place for you to settle down.


"Comfort for your SOLE..."

Almost two years ago, me and my boyfriend bought matching reef flip flops for our anniversary. I wasn't a fan of wearing flats before, but eventually I've gotten the hang of it as well. Now, it's mostly what I wear every time I have to work or spend time with my boyfriend since he's just as tall as I am. (wink*) So my stilettos are currently well preserved and now only worn during special events or occasions... Which turned out to be a good thing since they're quite expensive when I bought them. (whew!)

I went on a long vacation last summer in Mindanao and brought only this pair of footwear. I matched it with jeans, leggings, dresses, and shorts... It jived perfectly with every outfit I wore. Aside from that, I used these specific flip flops for hiking, swimming, and even river rafting during the whole trip without it breaking or so whatever.

Spending that extra money for these great slippers was totally worth it. It's still in great shape right now.. Just sitting on my shoe rack, waiting for OUR next adventure.

Besides from the coronation of 2009's Ms. Universe winner, Stefanie Fernandez from Venezuela... Me and my family will be celebrating something more special than that today, which is my dear mother's 50th birthday.

My mom deserves a really big party this year since she's always been humble and giving all her life. Just three weeks ago, she was hospitalized for 9 days to undergo TAHBSO in order to avoid the progression of an underlying disease. Fortunately, I was there to take care of her from the start up to the present. She's very strong in handling her current condition.

Most probably, majority of all of us sees our parents as modern superheroes. They're always there no matter what, takes care of you when you're sick even from having a tough day at work, waking up early in the morning to cook your breakfast just to make sure you ate before leaving the house. I feel safe whenever they're around. As if everything will be alright no matter what. That's why it was so hard for me to see any one of them in a weak state. But I was proud that during my mom's unstable health condition, I became her ROCK.

Mom had several friends and close relatives. She would always have visitors around almost everyday when she was confined in the hospital. Because of what she had just gone through, I really planned on giving her a celebration for her birthday. But then, a few days after she got discharged, her sister called me and said that she wants to sponsor a big surprise birthday party for mom. I got really excited to execute everything, but then... While my aunt was talking to my mom one day, her tongue slipped and gave out the whole plan.

It was pretty disappointing at first, but the bright side was... My mom was involved with the planning as well. At least, she could have it whatever way she wants. Even my grandmother form the States will be coming back home for her on the 28th. So, we'll be having a separate birthday bash in the province a week from now... This is so that she could be reunited with her siblings at the same time.

I'm very excited and happy for her... This for sure will help with her recovery.
Happy happy birthday MOM!!! I love you :))

It's time for my Yummy Sunday entry again. Please excuse the quality of the picture I've posted, I only used a webcam to take this photo. I didn't know how to adjust the lens so it came out pretty out of focus. haha!

Anyways, on today's entry, I chose to feature BABY CARROTS (the small and cute ones) sided with thick ranch dip. Me and mom went grocery shopping in S&R yesterday and bought a whole pack of this (cleaned and peeled, making it ready to eat anytime). Ever since I was a kid, I've always been fond of eating carrots, I like eating them raw because of the crisp texture it has when chewed in the mouth.

Carrots are also great ingredients for garnish. It's a perfect addition to your dish whenever you think it lacks color because of it's perfect orange appearance. This vegetable is rich in Vitamin A, which is good for your eyes... Thus making it healthy and yummy for you all at the same time.

I go out with friends almost every Saturday night of the week. I just live within BF homes, Paranaque... There are a lot of establishments here that cater to young people like me who still enjoys the evening sceneries and ambiance from inexpensive bars and restaurants.

Anyways, I was on my way home around 2:30 am from a long night of session with close friends. I was so surprised to see that the busiest part of the street in our area during this specific Saturday night was almost empty. Usually, everytime I drive at 4 or 5 in the morning, some of the establishments are still open to accommodate their customers. It was different today... What I saw left me wondering until now... Where did the people go? What happened?? How come, it feels as if nobody was out during this fine gimmick night?

I wanted to take a picture of the road for this post, so that you could somehow relate to what I'm saying... But because it was too dark and no one seemed to be around, I got scared to stop in order to capture the moment.

It feels so weird to not find a crowd of people swarming around the area...

Everytime I'm in the mall, I never fail to look around for my perfect laptop bag because I'm so tired of carrying my old dorky ones that came along with the whole notebook package.

Unfortunately, despite of my long and tiring walks from window shopping for this specific item... I usually end up looking at laptop sleeves instead whenever I surf in the net because that's where the tags I type usually direct me. Not loosing hope and patience, I stumbed upon Rainbrooke, who offered a variety of colorful laptop bags for both men and women. I had so much fun lurking around in their website because of their unique designs that I think will fit the young and modern professionals now a days.

We could finally say to goodbye to the common black, stuffy laptop bags that we commonly carry around. ;)

ABS-CBN's own interpretation of the hit Korean drama "Only You", played their last episode featuring a grand wedding finale earlier today after months of high TV ratings amongst all night-time soap operas for the past 4 months. I was fond of the original version eventhough I didn't had the chance to watch the full series... That's why when I learned about the Filipino re-make, I promised myself that I will watch as often as possible.

The drama/comedy series had a powerful cast... Starting from Angel Locsin, Sam Milby, down to Candy Pangilinan. Although the story was inspired by "Only You" from Korea, producers added more twists, characters, and plots to their version, somehow separating itself from the original story line (which I have perfectly no problem with) to suite it's new audience.

Now that it's over, I will especially miss Bugoy Drilon's song "Muli", that plays everytime TJ (Sam Milby) and Jillian (Angel Locsin) would have a cheezy scene together. These type of scene is the reason why I look forward onto each episode.

Photo from Google Images

In celebration of Senator Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino's 26th death anniversary, let's show our support and gratitude by wearing anything yellow and turning our car's blinkers on while we're on the road from 6pm to 7pm today.

It was just three weeks ago when the whole world, most especially the Filipinos grieved over President Cory Aquino's (Ninoy's wife) death. Isn't it quite ironic for her to past on the same month his dear husband did?

Photos from Google Images

Before anything else, I'd like to say thank you for the wonderful comments and wishes for my baby Trixie (If you have no idea what I'm talking about, please refer to my previous entry). I'm so happy to inform you all that she's now back home with us after her long over night stay in the clinic to observe her fracture. The vet was very kind enough to call us earlier today to say that she won't be needing the cast anymore. The doctors advised us that her condition could be treated by just letting her take supplements. I guess, her being still young increased the odds of the recovery.

We were very happy to hear this. The vet was very confident to tell us that after some time, Trixie will be able to walk normally again. (Whew!) This feels like a big thorn was pulled out off our throats.

As for her infected eye, it was tested as well and they found no serious bacterial activity going on. It probably was just because of her continuous scratching in that area, so we decided to put an e-collar on to her first thing tomorrow.

If you've read about my previous entries about my Chinese Sharpei Bargy, here's an update... He's still paralyzed and the muscles in his lower extremities had already wasted, that's why I've prepared myself to face the fact that he won't be walking with his 4 legs again.

Assuming that everything else will get better, my other Chinese Sharpei named Trixie (Bargy's daughter) caught an eye infection which is totally common amongst their breed. We took it lightly and decided to wait before taking her to the vet since we've encountered this problem with the two of them many times before. She was scheduled to have her vet appointment earlier today and was given a bath before hand. Since she's still kinda small because she's just 8 months old, my boyfriend left her alone for quite some time on top of a couch outside to get her a towel. Just when I thought that the worse is over, this happens... After a few minutes, he heard a loud cry from Trixie, so he rushed back to her. My boyfriend was very alarmed to see Trixie on the floor, limping her left paw in the front. I think she got too cold and bored (knowing how dogs are), so she decided to jump out of the couch herself. Given the condition that she was still very wet from the bath, she must've slipped during the process.

She was rushed to the vet after it happened and we got her affected leg x-rayed. The doctor said, a fracture had occured and that she needs to be confined til tomorrow to have her casted. And if in case that doens't work, the vet said she might have to undergo bone surgery as well. This is very frustrating! My goodness! I wanted to get mad but I can't blame anybody since it was an accident! :( I just wish everything would get a lot better from now on... Most especially when it comes to my furry babies.


I went to LTO (Land Transportation Office) today to renew my car registration. While I was waiting for the result of my emission test, a really old woman caught my attention. She was begging for some spare change. I felt really sorry for her given the condition of her age and appearance. I think she already has osteoporosis or something, because she walked like a humpback. She was carrying a wooden stick that served as her cane. She was very thin and all wrinkled up. A lot of people felt sorry for her like the way I did. As she was passing by, people were offering her food and money. I was suppose to give her the coins inside my pocket but she was too far away from me already.

After the emission test, I sat in the waiting area to pay for the renewal fee. I looked across the room, and saw the old lady again. She was sitting on one of the benches, resting. A good samaritan, talked to her and asked if she had already eaten... She replied, "Not yet." So, the guy invited her to eat in an eatery nearby saying that it was his treat. I was so shocked when the old lady answered, "I'm ok... But could you give me money instead?" The guy became furious because of this and didn't hesitate to give the old woman a follow up question on to why she was refusing the food and just wanted money. She suddenly bursted into tears and told us that if she didn't bring money back to his boss, she will be beaten up.

Other people who overheard the conversation was heartbroken by the story, that's why a few of the them gave the old woman some snacks and some money. She was smiling and was very grateful to those people that helped her. I will never forget her face. I was just really sad to see someone going through something like that. It made me think about my grandmother. I wouldn't want her to end up like that ever. And it makes you appreciate the things you have around you more.

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This is the 3rd time my site had a total makeover. I can't seem to figure out my perfect layout. I tried customizing it before to have my personal touch for the whole thing, but I fell short with the skils, since I'm NO web designer or something... I know some of the basic codes but it's not enough to make a really awesome webpage. I wanted to have a collaborated theme that had a good message to say amongst my readers, so I came up with this one for my second theme:

(this template had matching background songs of BOB MARLEY)

The appearance wouldn't make you think that a girl was running it. :) But then, after a while... I realized that the theme doesn't quite jive well with my title and entries. That's why I became so eager to make a new layout again. I decided that I wanted images of shoes in the background this time around, since my header does say, "In my Shoes...". I had lots of ideas, but some of it failed to deliver :(. So, I finally decided to just get a ready-made template for the mean time, because I was really getting tired. It took me several hours to choose what I wanted to use for my current layout (which is the 3rd).

I'm sure a lot of bloggers out there expereinced the same dilemma at a certain point in their whole blogging life like I did. :) And I know this is not the end of it...

Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever, a viral infection that can be caught through a bite of a specific mosquito called the aedis aegypti. This is a very potential deadly illness that has NO medical cure.
The aedis aegypti can lay 50 to 70 eggs on stagnant water. That's why, it's best to clean your surroundings everyday. Never leave things that can catch water unattended.

Once bitten by an infected mosquito, the virus will incubate in the body for 7 to 10 days through the blood stream before visible symptoms appear. The person may experience, low grade fever, body malaise, gastrointestinal upsets, rashes, headache, bleeding, urinary incontinence, loss of appetite, and dehydration. As I've mentioned earlier, there is no medication available in the market right now that can specifically fight against this virus. Management used for this disease is purely symptomatic treatment only. It is very important that the patient has the thrive to fight off the illness himself.

The dengue virus destroys normal blood cells in the body, specifically the platelets which has a big role in the process of hemostasis. If it decreases, bleeding occurs. That's why aspirin is contraindicated with this disease.

It is important to monitor the patient's intake and output during this time. The normal urine output of an individual is 30 mL per hour. A figure below this, may signify a kidney problem that may lead to edema.
Treatment may be the following: Antipyretics, analgesics and tepid sponge bath for fever and headache, Antacids for gastrointestinal upsets, antihistamines for itchiness secondary to rashes, encouraging to increase fluid intake, bedrest, and consumption of vegetables. Go to your family doctor to consult and double check what you have to specifically do, because there are times when something can't be as good or effective when applied to a different person.

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It's one of my favorite neice's birhtday today... Unfortunately, I couldn't be there to celebrate it with her since she lives overseas, so I sent her a video greeting instead. I stayed up late last night searching for the perfect clip in youtube. She just turned 6 and she's a bit more miticulous for her age that's why I found it so hard to get something that I'd know she'd like.


I like sending e-cards for every occassions... I try very hard not to forget those very special dates. After a short while, I got a reply from the birthday girl saying she loved the video so much. (whew!)

Just last Sunday, Paula Abdul officially announced that she will be leaving the hit reality show American Idol. She claims that the producers of the said show doesn't value her enough. FOX didn't deny nor agreed to this statement but they said, "We will miss her, but the show must go on..."

After 8 successful seasons of A.I., Paula bid her farewell gracefully...

A few days after this revelation, FOX unravelled their new resident judge for American Idol that will take Paula's place... She's no other than, Ms. Victoria Beckham...

I believe that the addition of Posh spice in the panel will create a great twist to the show... I'm very much looking forward to this...

I have a 4 year old neice currently residing in Beijing, China. She and two of her brothers are always on the computer, so their parents made them their own yahoo messenger account. They've found out what my yahoo ID was so they leave me messages everyday. I am very amazed with this, because at such a young age, they're able to operate YM and chat with me even without any help from the grown-ups. They could set-up the phone and webcam on their own already...

I find it so cute because they type so slow... I could see them struggling to finish a sentence through the webcam. Sometimes, all three of them gang up talking to me all at the same time. I don't know which one to answer first.

Amongst the three siblings, the youngest speaks the poorest Tagalog since she was there since she was still a baby. But her parents still tries to teach her the basics. It's so funny whenever she tries to talk to me in Tagalog... She would always say "mehalcita", instead of "mahal kita", meaning I love you... I'm the only one she talks to in YM, that's why she gets sad whenever I'm not online. I will just be surprised to read her offline messages, like;

hello :-)
are you there?
what's taking you so long?
i want to talk to you :-((

As you can see.. She likes typing the letter "q". :)

Here's some more...: "She got pissed that I wasn't online... This was just earlier today... "

evryday i go on line but you are'ent on line even when i talk't to you and i said i was going to talk to you tommorow and when i went on line you were'ent on line you said ok that was'ent nise
can evryday we talk together becuse i have nothing to do at home
i miss you

So funny! lol!

I've been driving for more than 5 years now. I remember, during the earlier years, I was always so excited to hop in my car and drive around anywhere my gas could take me. After some time, I got tired of it... Eventually, I became too lazy and just wanted someone else to drive for me as often as possible, so that I could finish my make-up and food peacefully whenever I'm running late.

"I'm sure a lot of women like me are guilty of this. " :)

I have poor sense of direction... When I started driving, I thought I could get over that weakness of mine. Unfortunately, that didn't happen! (LOL) I don't know how to follow a map as well. So, because of this... Whenever I'm driving alone, I often end up getting lost. :(

Most of my girl pals suffer the same faith. That's why we always want to have a guy around whenever we'll be venturing to an unfamiliar place.

Is this just a girl thing? The poor in direction act? Because, as I've observed, majority of men are able to memorize the way to a certain place once they've been there. Unlike me for example (which is a girl), who has to get lost 3 times out of 5 to finally get it right flawlessly.

Pet Obesity

This condition is easily brought upon our pets. Sometimes, it's so hard to not give them a piece of what you're eating while he or she begs with her cute big eyes...

A lot of people don't know that our pets should have their own customized and fit diet. They should eat healthier food compared to their owners. Nowadays, humans consume more junk compared to before. These type of food makes us unhealthy, what more will it bring to our little furry babies?

The normal quantity of what we could eat is NOT the same with our pets, due to nature given conditions such as size and body activity.

Did you know that feeding a whole scrambled egg to your toy dog is equivalnt to actually serving him or her with 6 pieces? Even just 2 strips of bacon means serving him or her with a cup of saturated fat.

We might think that fat pets are so cute... The effects of obesity in animals are very similar to what it does to humans. Over weight pets are more prone to get cardiovascular problems and other diseases. Hip dysplasia is a very common condition because their bones become too stressed to support their body mass. They may end up with immobilty, breathing difficulties, and heart attacks.

It's okay to give your pets the occassional table scrap in small servings, but I advise you do this once you've already established his proper diet which could be the regular dog food, steamed vegetables, and ground meat.

In the cases of some house pets, they're meant to do certain types of exercises every now and then. Try walking or playing with them even for just 30 minutes everyday to promote muscle formation and increase metabolism. You can play fetch with your dog, give a ball of yarn to your cat, provide an exercise wheel for your hamster, and so on... Doing this, can make your pet more active and fit.

Photos from Google Images

Maria Corazon Cojuanco Aquino
(January 25, 1933 - August 1, 2009)

It wasn't too long ago when millions of Filipinos united to celebrate the life of former Senator Ninoy Aquino, because of his determination to lift martial law amongst his beloved country.

Behind of all Ninoy's action, he had a strong woman behind her all the way... Which was the great late former president Cory Aquino. Cory, shared the same belief with her husband Ninoy. This is why after Ninoy's assassination back in August 1983, Cory did not hesitate to continue what her husband was fighting for.

Who would've thought that a simple housewife would be found deserving enough to run the Philippines by majority of its people? Cory won the snap election for presidency against former dictator, Ferdinand Marcos on 1986. She was able to bring democracy back to our country, while snagging the "First Female President" title in Asia at the same time.

Cory had to sacrifice a lot of things in her life to help others and I feel very lucky to have lived during her reign. Now that she had peacefully joined her husband in heaven, she may finally be put to rest. She will always have the love of her countrymen. Her family's legacy will live on forever...

TABHSO, acronym of the surgical procedure that stands for Total Abdominal Hysterectomy and Bilateral Salphingooopherectomy, meaning the removal of the uterus, cervix, ovaries and fallopian tubes through an incision in the abdomen.

Women, particularly 45 years old and up are possible candidates to have this procedure done unto them. To closely monitor and fight this, you can have the annual pap smear or executive check up in any obstretic clinic near you. You may also try asking about the HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) vaccine from your obstetrician.

Knowing your body and becoming aware of the possible illnesses gives you an advantage by decreasing the risk of acquiring any problems in the future.

This major surgical procedure is commonly indicated to patients who has cancer, endometriosis, and uterine fibroids (that causes profuse and unsual bleeding).

Before deciding to undergo this operation, it is best to think it over a million times while carefully weighing your odds. The involved organs may not be as vital as the heart, lungs, liver, and kidneys but the side effects may lead to serious complications as well. For example, the absence of the ovaries in women, makes her more vulnerable to cardiovascular and skeletal problems due to the dramatic decrease of estrogen level in the body after the procedure.

So let us empower ourselves with knowledge and awareness...

Calatagan, Batangas is just almost a 2 hour drive from Manila. I was able to go to a nice sanctuary near this very busy city. This specific place is called Playa Calatagan, a beach residential resort. Me and some friends were fortunate enough to discover this place during the time it was just being developed.

Back then, there weren't a lot of people hanging around in the area... It felt as if you and your friends were the only people there... This was way back in 2007. I'm sure by now, they've added more features to the resort, attracting more beach goers. The only thing available during our visit before was the central pavillion (which had an amazing restaurant beside the pool) and a board walk that provided a full view of the calm sea.

I haven't been back there since then. I was told that they were planning to build fancy hotels and establishments there to create a "Boracay-like" getaway for us city slickers.

Dine beside the luxurious pool that still has a view of the ocean.

Walk on the widest beach shore...

Relax under the shade of the trees on the beach front.

Take a dip... :)

I've been away for the past few days to take care of some of stuffs around the house. I didn't had access in the world wide web for a week and it drove me crazy! Now that I'm back... I feel recharged as ever. ;)

When I got home today, I quickly made some errands and shoved myself back on the computer again... (LOL!) To my surprise, I got a message from Pink Notes Diary, saying that she awarded me with something, and that I could check it out on her page. This news made me so excited. I consider myself as still a newbie with this whole blogging thing... I was so happy to find out that she gave me the "Dare to be Great" award. This is the first award I've ever received... And it feels very overwhelming :)

Thank you for thinking about goodmorningpancakes, pinknotesdiary.. :)

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