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Hello and welcome to my site. A personal page for me to blog about my experiences, spur of the moment thoughts, feelings, travel, and etc. I hope you have fun reading my entries as much as I enjoyed writing them. Please feel free to leave your comments and messages.

Buongiorno!!! This picture was taken from a fancy restaurant in Tagaytay, Philippines. My sister just graduated from college and this is where we decided to dine right after the ceremonies. I never get tired of Italian food... I love the pastas, the pizzas, and the cheese. It doesn't just stop in Italian dishes alone, I'm a fan of numerous cuisines. Like Filipino, Spanish, and Mexican... But for my first entry in Yummy Sunday, I would like to focus mainly on this authentic Italian pizza.

Let me help you taste it... ;) The base dough used in this best-seller was not at all oily nor saugy. It was molded patiently to achieve just the right thickness. Topped with a generous amount of mozzarella cheese, fresh tomatoes, white onions, bellpepper, olives, and large pepperoni, they bake it in their customized oven. The taste is simply amazing! No need for you to add the occassional hot sauce and ketchup. The best thing about it is that it doens't give you the bloated feeling. Describing this for you made me can't wait to go back there and have another slice again :D

It's been a long time since I last stayed home on a Saturday night... I don't remember the last time actually... (hehe!) I'm only 23 years old, and apparently my night life just reached it's peak lately. I'm not at all ready to settle down and leave all of these behind. I don't party hard though... I hope I'm not giving you the impression of me being a party girl or something like that. As of now, I just enjoy being with friends so much on a random night where we just find a cozy place and have some cocktails to exchange gossip and other relevant topics.

Sitting alone in my room tonight feels weird... I'm not used to it. I decided to stay home because my boyfriend's still in China. I don't feel comfortable going out without him. It just feels a lot safer whenever he's around. I don't want to get into trouble... :) Plus, my parents will be very thrilled that I stayed home for a change. I've been really pushing my luck with them. I want to make them happy. It's the least I could do since I'm not doing anything at home. I just resigned from work because I wanna focus more on my studies for an upcoming exam on December... I'm just not sure if I could keep this up... It feels as if I don't belong... (LOL!)

I stumbled upon the movie Titanic yesterday while I was flipping the remote to find a good channel. Flashbacks of my grade school days began to circle in my head because this was the time I first saw the film. I remember watching it with my mom... I loved the story so much, I watched it over and over again. :) I didn't quite understood the emotions being delivered by the actors back then because I was still a kid. But once I gained the intelligence and maturity as I grew older, it suddenly all sank into my head. Ever since then, I started to appreciate more movies... Titanic is just one of the all time films that never failed to get me all soaked up from crying...

Scene: Where Rose (Kate Winslet) was staring up at Jack (Leonardo De Caprio) as her rescue boat was slowly being reeled down... She battled with her mind whether she was going to leave him with his ex-fiance or not... After a while, she jumped right back to Titanic, and went back to the arms of Jack.

Other tear jerking moments (by scenes):

The Lakehouse
Scene: Alex Wyler (Keanu Reeves) and Kate Forster (Sandra Bullock) finally met at their time.

Marley and Me
Scene: The whole Grogan family bid their goodbyes.

City of Angels
Scene: Seth (Nicolas Cage) felt something had happened to Maggie (Meg Ryan)

I Am Legend
Scene: Robert Neville (Will Smith) had to kill Sam (the German Sheperd). huhuhu!

The Pursuit of Happyness
Scene: Chris Gardner (Will Smith) clapping all his way on the street because he's finally happy.

How about you? Care to share the movies that never failed to make you cry? :)

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Me and my mom have different tastes and interests. We both travelled to Davao for the first time together last summer, that's why we didn't have any idea on what to expect nor what we must-see while we were in the city. I was very excited to hit the beach while she was excited to visit the rainforests. So, before we flew to Davao, we googled its famous and must-never-miss tourist spots... We stumbled on to a lot of places, and listed up what we wanted to go to when we get there. Amongst all the places we got to see in Davao, we saved Eden's Nature Park for last, since I wasn't really that eager to go (because I wasn't at all impresses with the pictures we saw in the internet). But my mom is a real nature lover that's why she made sure we dropped by the place before we leave.

We checked-in in Bajada, which is 15-25 minutes away from Davao International Airport. From there, we had to take an hour drive to get to Eden's Nature Park. We didn't have our own car since we were just there to visit so we hired a cab for the whole day instead.

Eden's Nature Park is 3000 ft. above sea level, so it's no surprise that the climate would be a little colder there. We arrived around 9:30 in the morning... The park just opened so me and my mom were literally their first customers. Forunately, because of that, we had a private tour of the whole place...

These are just few of the photos taken :) :

"Shading ourselves from an umbrella of orchids..."

"Make a wish and drop a coin on their beautiful well covered of gumamela flowers."

"Posing in the middle of the colorful flower garden."

"Ang kubo ni lola... "

Aside from the beautiful scenery this park has to offer, they also have small vegetable and herb farms in the area. The fabulous reastaurant inside only serves fresh organic products that they've harvested within the park. (yummy!) You can actually, rent this place if you want to celebrate a certain occassion to accommodate a large number of people. They have lodges for rent as well. The price ranges from 1,000++ to 4,000++ Php or 20 to 80 USD, depending on the size and capacity of the cottages. This place have park tours, activity areas, function spaces, greenery, breath taking views, mini-zoos, a luxurious swimming pool, adventure gimmicks, and great food... I recommend everybody to visit it. Aloting even just half of your day would be enough.

I had a great time in Davao. It's a peaceful and friendly city. I'm actually considering to retire in that place in the far future. haha!

Divine Mercy

Just last summer, I had a sojourn in Mindanao. I visited a lot of tourist spots in Davao and Cagayan De Oro. It was one of the best vacations I ever had. Amongst all of the places I've been to during my short stay, Divine Mercy in El Salvador Cagayan De Oro topped my list of "Best Encounters Ever". It's a big shrine created to worship the Lord. It was truly a spiritual experience.

Let me walk you through it:

First, in order to get to the chapels and figures... You must take these steps to reach the top. Don't let the picture fool you. It's higher than it seems...

The management is very strict with the dress code. Since you do have to wear proper clothes when you're in the house of the Lord... Unfortunately, I was wearing a sleeveless at the time, so they've provided me with a piece of cloth that resembled a lot of the traditional filipinana to cover up my arms.

They won't allow you to go inside if you don't comply with the rules.

On the top of the hill, a 50 ft. figure of the Sacred Heart will leave you in aww... It's very beautiful. The climb was all worth it.

To my surprise, this place was featured on a famous newspaper the following day. It made front page. Besides from the figures and chapels, the locals also believe that water from a spring within the place is miraculous. They claim that it heals all illnesses and pain. Try to pass by this place if you're in the area.

Bargy Updates

Well, it has been almost a week before my baby Bargy (the Chinese Sharpei) last walked in his own four feet. I've written about his condition in one of my previous entries. Up to now, his lower legs are still paralyzed. We've committed to the physical therapy his vet had prescripted him to undergo. He started his sessions just yesterday. Fortunately, we've found a veterinarian whose going to perform his therapy for 200 Php per session (that's less than 5 USD). This is a very good mark down since a real chiropractor would originaly cost 2,500 Php per session (estimatedly 40 USD). We're crossing our fingers that he could be cured by this medical management. Although, we also took him to a more experienced doctor earlier today to get a second opinion... And he told us that what we're already doing is right. The other vet just changed Bargy's medicine prescriptions into something more stronger since what he's initially taking isn't giving us any good results so far. So we gave it a try as well.

Bargy still has no appetite, but I was very happy to see him trying to drag his lower feet around as he wanders off the room by himself. I guess he got a little bit more cheery now compared to the week before. He still couldn't feel his legs but I became so happy to see him somehow making an effort to wag his tail.

It's very hard to take care of an animal that has this condition. It takes a lot of patience, hard work, and commitment. Since Bargy couldn't stand on his own, he couldn't pee nor take a dump by himself, that's why he's soaked with his own urine quite oftenly. This makes him very prone to have bed sores if not turned every now and then. In fact, he's starting to have rashes on his genitals because of his skin's continuous exposure to urine. On top of that, he's also becoming very thin. Ever since we had him, he always had been choosy with his food. Now that he's not feeling well, it's even more impossible to get him to eat. Since he doesn't have any exercise, his muscles are starting to waste. It crushes me everytime I see my dog in such hardship. He's still young. He should be just running around all over the place at this point of his life...

So far, so good... Little baby steps will still get us there. We just have to hang on and give the Lord our prayers. We'll be brave to face whatever may happen as long as we know that we all gave it OUR BEST shot.

According to David Letterman, from his very famous show in the United States, these are the 10 reasons why a Filipino-American couldn't be elected as US President.

10. The White House is not big enough for in-laws and extended relatives.

9. There are not enough parking spaces at the White House for 2 Honda Civics, 2 Toyota Land Cruisers, 3 Toyota Corollas, a Mercedes Benz, a BMW , and an MPV (My Pinoy Van).

8. Dignitaries generally are intimidated by eating with their fingers at State dinners.

7. There are too many dining rooms in the White House - where will they put the picture of the Last Supper?

6. The White House walls are not big enough to hold a pair of giant wooden spoon and fork

5. Secret Service staff won't respond to "psst... psst" or 'hoy....hoy...hoy...'

4. Secret Service staff will not be comfortable driving the presidential car with a Holy Rosary hanging on the rear view mirror, or the statue of the Santo Nino on the dashboard.

3. No budget allocation to purchase a Karaoke music-machine for every room in the White House.

2. State dinners do not allow "Take Home".


1. Air Force One does not allow overweight Balikbayan boxes!

Well, it's not really that offensive... In fact, I find it kinda funny because some of it are ridiculously true :D (lol) And it's also kinda cool that our race are being recognized in a well-known talk show as well.

Photos from Google Images

"Watch out world! Because Chloe's getting older... She'll conquer life and rock along the way!"

I'm still very depressed about my dog's current condition, so I decided to do something else to distract me. My cousin told me that her daughter, Chloe will be celebrating her birthday on Saturday. She'll be having a party. Since they live in Cagayan De Oro City, it's imposible for me to attend simply because its too far away from where I'm staying, so I decided to make my neice a greeting card instead... I had to almost kiss the computer monitor while I was photoshopping her lovely picture. I hope she'll like it. I did it especially for her... :>

One of our Chinese Sharpeis, the male one whose almost two years old was immediately brought to the veterinary clinic today due to loss of appetite since yesterday and sudden paralysis of the lower body. I was very surprised to see him earlier this morning just lying down on the floor so weak and helpless. I instantly knew he was feeling something really terrible because he couldn't get up to greet me when he usually is very excited whenever he sees either me or my boyfriend.

When we got to the clinic, his veterenarian did a complete blood count and a routine x-ray. The x-ray showed no current fractures, but it did reveal that his spleen was quite enlarged and one of his vertebrae in the lumbar area is narrow, thus causing the impeding of the blood circulation in his lower body. The doctor explained that this is the reason why he's suffering from lower body paralysis. The impeded vertebrae is causing his nerves in that area to become inflammed resulting to an obstruction to his normal blood flow. In addition to that, the CBC confirmed that on top of everything my poor baby's already going through, he has parasitic infection. He caught it from a tick that had punctured its way into his blood stream thus attacking his spleen. This condition is responsible for the loss of appetite and the failure to thrive.

It's so heartbreaking to see someone so happy and innocent go down rapidly like he did. The vet requested that he undergoes a series of sessions from a professional chiropractor to help him walk again. She primed us of the possible expenses and we were shock to find out that it's very expensive (minimum of 2,500 Php/session). He has to undergo this everyday until he no longer needs it. But I guess if that's the only option I have, I'll have to go for that just so that I could see my baby walk again. I won't give up on him... Especially when I can see that he's fighting.

Does anybody out here know anything about this condition? Or if you've expereinced the same situation, please do share your interventions... Enlighten us with some more informations. Your comments and suggesstions will be highly appreciated here.

I was a bit skeptical with blogging at first. I'm not the type of person whose easily comfortable with sharing my thoughts and ideas to people I don't know. I love writing though... :)

My cousin's wife was the one who really introduced me to the art. She showed me her blogs during my visit in their place last summer. I was really amused because I got to see something I wasn't expecting. Before, I thought blogging was just like a forum site where you can post the topics you want to discuss about. Obviously, I was so wrong about that! LOL! Once I got to experience it, I felt as if I'm a "natural"... hahaha! Plus, the beauty of it all, since I'm still shy and everything, is that you could be who ever you want to be. I find it very therapeutic now because you're able to release your feelings, emotions,tensions, and ideas through writing. And it actually feels even more better if other people were able to relate with what you've delivered.

This is why sometimes, it saddens me whenever I visit a blog site made perfectly for profiting purposes only. Bloggers aren't creating qualified entries anymore because of this... Making money out from your blog is supposedly just a bonus compared to the more greater impact it can give you and your readers.

The BPO industry is fast-rising in the Philippines right now. It had brought many jobs to able and qualified Filipinos all over the country. For its employees, they offer good benefits and a well-paying salary compared to the other professions available right now. But of course, everyhting is not bright and breezy... There are down sides to the wonderful things I've already mentioned, such as working in terrible shifting schedules and dealing with a big amount of stress. The work is sometimes too demanding that others don't have the time to take care of their lives beyond office hours.

There's good news to all of the troubled BPO employees out there. I've discovered a new forum site where we could talk about the latest trends, gossip, and job openings... It's so hard to become up-to-date with what's happening to the outside world since our usual everyday routine would be just going to work and coming home to sleep to work again. Let's break the cycle. Register and start your topics now!...

For the internet-savvy, who still doesn't have a facebook account? I bet no one... So far, facebook is the leading social networking website when it comes to interaction. It created a new level of socializing for the user and his or her connections.

After a long time of denial, I've finally realized that I am a facebook addict. LOL! I don't miss a day in checking my account to play my favorite games and applications. There's Restaurant City, Typing Maniac, Waka-waka, Mafia Wars, and a lot more. I also like the quizzes made avalable by the other users. Eventhough most of the results you get are very ridiculous, I find it so entertaining at times. Now that I am very hooked, I try to minimize the usage because there are occassions where I just end up sitting in front of the computer for the whole day and it's no longer a productive way to spend my time. Haha! So here I am, a "recovering facebook addict". ;)

I always watch this talk show in television every saturday night. Tonight, they featured a topic about cosmetic surgeries being done to pets (especially dogs). It was very sad, alarming, and upsetting. Very young puppies are placed under the knife to satisfy their master's contentment with vanity. Imagine, small little cute puppies who can't even open their eyes yet are sedated, and tied on a steel surgical table just to shorten their tail, crop their ears, or cut off their extra paw... The video was able to show the dogs screaming, crying, and kicking while being sewn up to close the incisions the veterenarians had made.

Vets and petowners who allow this procedures done to their pets are defending themselves by saying that the dogs are actually getting an advantage from it. Like for example, aside from just looking good for the dog shows... Their tails are preferred to be shortened to avoid accidents from people stepping on it. Did you know that, vets could also do something about your dog's excessive and loud barking as well? Apparently, vets cut open the posterior part of their neck to modify the dog's voice.

They may have good reasons for doing these things to their animals... But is it really necessary for them to undergo these procedures when they're in perfect shape??? This would've been acceptable if the animal really needed the surgery to recover from a health threatening condition. Do petowners really have the power to make decisions like this for their beloved pets? Is it really for the animal's own convenience or ours?

I think it's so wrong to alter their true nature. For me. allowing this horrible act is cruelty to animals. God made them to look like that for a reason... I have no objections when humans are enhanced by science... But for a different specie, who are we to place that issue on our hands?

Photo from: Google Images

Well, not really single.. It's just that my boyfriend will be away for almost two months to have a really long and relaxing vacation in China... I would love to come with him if ever the conditions allow it, but unfortunately it doesn't. Everything happened so sudden. Both of us didn't expect that an opportunity like this would stumble his way again. That's why, he agreed to visit his family in Beijing. I'm not that worried since I know he'll be back after a few weeks. It just scares me to think that we may still have to encounter problems brought upon by the long distance relationship. Because you see, between the two of us, he's the most paranoid... He doesn't like it when I go out alone with friends since he thinks something may happen. Knowing that he's like that, I have found some ways to relieve him of his anxiety... Like texting him every time I leave the house and always talk to him online.

But him leaving doesn't affect me the most... The impact will be more great to our two dogs (Chinese Sharpei)who were left with his mother. I would love to take care of them myself but my parents wouldn't allow it. Poor little things... They don't understand their daddy would be gone for a long time. :( It'll be very hard for them because they depend on him so much. My boyfriend really spoil them while his mother in the other hand, isn't a dog person at all... That's why we worry about them so much. I will be visiting them every once in a while instead.

Wish us luck ;)

Were you able to watch the memorial service held in the staple center? A lot of stars, fans, family, and friends of the late MJ attented and paid tribute to the King. Apparently, everything in the television right now are about him...

The whole program during his memorial service was touching and sincere. I couldn't help myself from getting all teary eyed when Paris (Michael's daughter) delivered her messages to her father. Michael Jackson could have been contreversial and accussed of so many bad things but people around the world are now united to celebrate the life he lived because each one of us has one of his songs embeded in our mind and soul. A lyric or a tune interpreted by the late Michael Jackson will always be in our hearts for he was there when we were living our lives as well... Just by imparting us with his talent and love for his craft.

"Maybe now, they'll leave you alone...", a message from the dear king's mother, Katherine Jackson.

Animal Rights

According to the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the animal rights are the following;
    Animals are NOT ours to EAT.
    Animals are NOT ours to WEAR.
    Animals are NOT ours to EXPERIMENT on.
    Animals are NOT ours to Use for Entertainment.
    Animals are NOT ours to ABUSE in ANY WAY...

I place my hands down to these people for always backing up our animal buddies. Individuals behind this prestigious group is a perfect advocate for those creatures whose voices aren't heard. They just don't take the usual dogs, cats, and endangered animals' side... They voice out even the poultry animals whose clearly receiving a greater portion of animal abuse from humans.

Did you know that most poultry farms handle the animals improperly before they butcher them and offer it's meat to the consumers? It's bad enough that the chickens, pigs, cows, and etc. are being placed in a very small cage where they could barely move... Let alone, the fact that they will only be facing death after a certain amount of time just to meet the market's demand. Is it too hard for us make their life easier while they await for their dooms??

Let's all help make a difference... We are not alone in this Earth. Take it one step at a time. I'm not saying that we should all become vegans overnight... Little things go a long way. Try to treat animals with respect. Don't just go squishing a cockroach when it flies at your way... Eat healthy and know where your food came from. Adopt a pet sincerely.

I was very surprised last Sunday when my dad brought home a new Brite Piano. It looked very ordinary... It's brown, and big.. Just like the one we already have. In fact, the two is almost identical. He's very musically inclined and he enjoys playing his instruments a lot. He has 4 guitars, a banjo, some harmonicas, a drumset, and 2 brite pianos. Our house, is not big that's why we're currently struggling just to move around the living room due to the addition of this big item.

My dad bought it from Yamaha. It's pre-loved but it's in pristine condition. I could play a little bit of piano as well. So, I was able to tell the difference between the old and the new. When I tried playing something on the new piano, it boosted up something in me that made me want to learn how to play once more. Just because it sounds a lot better, and it feels more crisp than the old one.

I don't know where my dad will be putting his old piano. It's still in good condition, so I doubt he'd be throwing it away. I'd contest him if he ever thought about selling it because our old piano is with us for as long as I remember. I hope, when I have my own place already, I could ask for it from him so that I could encourage and teach my offsprings to playing too. :)

Filipinos have always been fond of taking pictures... Every occassion is always captured then bragged into the world. We Filipinos are never too shy to strike our winning poses everytime we see a camera pointed to us.

Thanks to the latest technology, companies are able to manufacture high tech and easy to use products for you to capture that perfect moment. Now, you don't have to go to a professional photographer to get your pictures beautifully taken. It's possible for you to do it by yourself with just a press of a button.

I have lots of friends now who has invested a lot of money on their DSLR's. I believe this type of digital camera ranges from 70,000 to 150,000 Php. It seems very unpractical, since it's just to satisfy a hobby. But when I saw some of the photos they've taken, I became very amazed. I never thought that something already beautiful could appear a lot better... :) With the help of a great equipment, the photographer's visions could be delivered easily through their audience. Amateurs and professionals now have different variations for their art.

Maybe someday, when I have the luxury to buy something to sport a hobby... I could buy myself a Canon DSLR too. n_n

Photo from: Google Images

I had a headache watching this in the cinema. It was hardcore action and full blown high end video effects. It felt kinda weird though... The decepticons outnumbered the autobots by one is to three and they still managed to attain victory. Also, they've included a decepticon in the movie that could transform into a hot human girl.

I can't say much about the transformers, since their acting was superb! :) So, let's go to the real human actors... :) Basically, everyone did a good job. You can easily see how the actors from the first movie had evolved and improved their performances. Megan Fox (Mikaela) in particular, sported out that she was really able to pull the part off this time. All she seemed to do in first movie was to look good. She nailed that part of the character down but the rest of what she was did there sucked! haha! But now, Megan had shown some real-like emotions that was appreciated by yours truly. We were even very disappointed that Megan's top didn't even fall off during the whole movie since she was always running around in her tight breast hugging outfits. (Come on boys! I bet you thought of the same thing too... ;))

Over-all, I really enjoyed the movie. It was way better if we could've enjoyed it in 3D... Wow! Just thinking about it gives me chills! :D

Photo from: Google Images

Unfortunately, my sister developed some new symptoms yesterday. She still has on and off fever and now she's suffering from diarrhea. She told me that she was passing out red stools that looked like blood. She was a little pale and weaker than her usual self so we brought her to the hospital again. Once more, we assumed it was swine flue since she didn't seem to be getting any better since her last visit from that hospital. Before I took her there earlier I made sure I assessed my sister's condition first to evaluate if she really needed the medical attention.

Passing out blood is no joke. And she told me that she pooped 6 times already just this afternoon... I got worried because she might be having internal bleeding in her gastrointestinal system so me and my mom decided to take her to the hospital again. (I've written about our last trip there in my previous blog entries). The hospital is owned by the government. We took her there because, it's the only hospital here in Manila that specialized with Infectious diseases (swine flu is infectious).

We came there around 12:20 am. We were welcomed by very rude nurses! It kinda ticked me off because I thought their behaviors were unacceptable. I worked as a nurse too... And never in my life have I treated a patient nor a relative badly. In the emergency room , there were three nurses on duty They were very unwelcoming. One female nurse there talked to us like we were stupid and poor! You can just tell when someone thinks little of you.. That nurse got her message through to me very clearly. She made us feel that we were just a waste of time. This attitude could have been acceptable if they're area was swarmed by other ill patients at the time. But the only people there was US!! Unfortunately for her, I'm not the type of person that would just sit down and take it. I spoke with confidence and showed her I'm not intimidated with her pityful act.

Shortly, the resident doctor came down to give my sister a check-up. She too was very incompetent and rude... She only told us what we already know... She assured us that my sister doesn't have swine flu. But every answer that I squeezed right out of her started with a "probably" or a "maybe....". It made us feel unsure. She didn't even ordered any lab requests. How would you know how to manage something if you don't have diagnostic results to back up your assumptions???

This experience truly saddened us. We didn't have the same encounter last time we were there. It was just this certain group of people last night. All they've shown us was how incompetent staffs in that hospital really are... Shame on those guys...

If you remember, America's fast food restaurants were challenged and mocked by a certian documentary film by Morgan Spurlock last 2004 entitled; "Supersize me". He made himself eat only food from McDonald's for 30 days. This is to put his body to the test... According to his statistics, 60% of adult Americans are either overweght or obese. And this is one of the leading causes of terrible health complications.

It's not a secret that the Philippines is infleunced so much by the United States of America. We follow by their fashion and trends. I guess, it's in the Filipino's nature to be quite fascinated by the foreigners all the time. We're fond of the fact that something is "imported".

Americans without a doubt has a bond with the Filipinos as well. There's no area here in Manila where you couldn't find something that originated from the USA. Like, McDonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Wendy's, Burger King, Guess, Babyphat, Nike, Adidas, and a lot more.

We've embraced their products and we've adapted to their culture and taste. We don't need written data to prove that the percentage of Filipinos who are overweight is increasing at this moment. By merely looking around, you would realize that they're everywhere...

We are living in a very toxic environment now. Compared to how the generations before us had lived their lives. Before, they had the traditional home-cooked meals and the occassional eating out for special celebrations. Now, we're doing it vice versa because it's easier and more convenient.

Have you noticed that the fast food restaurants in the Philippines are one-by-one coming up with an additional large size to offer their consumers? In KFC, they now have the Bucket of Fries, in McDOnald's and Jolibee, they have the super large fries. Did you know that, a medium size of one order of fries in the US is actually bigger than the large size available here in the Philippines? Their double gulped from seven-eleven (US) is equivalent to 1/2 gallon of soda. (That's equal to 48 teaspoons of sugar). Slowly, these sizes are available for us too... And eventually, these would go directly to our thighs, arms, love handles... Or worse, clog our arteries...

I'm not discouraging you to eat from these fastfood restaurants... This is just to remind you that it's always wise to eat right. Your body is the temple of your soul. And whatever happens to it is just a reflection of your choices. It's okay to have the occassioanal binge of your favorite food but never let yourself go...

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