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Hello and welcome to my site. A personal page for me to blog about my experiences, spur of the moment thoughts, feelings, travel, and etc. I hope you have fun reading my entries as much as I enjoyed writing them. Please feel free to leave your comments and messages.

Why do we get hangovers??? This is the worst feeling you could wake up to... You experience intense headaches, body weakness, and irritability. One night you're enjoying having drinks with your friends and then you end up regreting it in the morning if you had one too many.

Alcohol grows on you... The longer you're taking it in, the easier it becomes for you to drink it without even cracking a silly face when it's too strong. :) Our body can metabolize a certain amount of alcohol every hour. And this depends on the person's weight and condition. So basically, the technique is to consume your drink slowly. n_n

Ethanol, contained in our alcohol drinks have dehydrating effects in the body. It's a diuretic ( a drug that causes increase in urination and flushes fluids from the body). This leads you to get headaches and become exhausted. You can also experience hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) when you're drinking because the enzymes from your liver are too busy metabolizing the alcohol that it can't supply our tissues with the right amount of glucose. This is why we're always craving for something to eat whenever we're drinking.

There are a lot of ways to prevent this from happening to you. Like;

1. Don't finish your drink too fast.
2. Drink plenty of water before and while you're drinking.
3. Avoid smoking when drinking.
4. Don't get too cocky...
5. Eat a full meal before you party.

Going through a hangover feels as if the world is punishing you for having too much fun the night before... You waste a day just coping up with it. So, drink wisely and take things easy...

Michael Jackson dies at the age of 50 in his house at June 25, 2009 due to Cardiac Arrest.

During the 1960's, MJ (still a child) and his other brothers had graced the stage and bedazzled the whole world with his charm and talent. He was the youngest member of their group. Their songs like "ABC", "I'll Be There", and a lot more topped the charts during their time. As years passed by, Michael pursued a solo career and became bigger than ever. He was able to make 10 successful albums. One of which is "Thriller", which he co-produced. "Thriller" was his very big hit. Under it's belt are 25 platinum awards. It sold millions and millions of copies all over the globe.

Despite the success, the King of Pop had to face a lot of intrigues and scandals. The media had beaten him down. He even had to face a very controversial issue about him being a pedophile. During the time, his marriage with Elvis Presley's daughter had collapsed. After 2 years of being together, it lead to divorce. Also, who could forget the time when MJ irresponsibly displayed his youngest son on the balcony of a hotel. A lot of violent reactions had risen after he did that. Fortunately, MJ was able to settle the lawsuits and mishaps. Because of this, people had the belief that Michael was expereincing financial problems. He convinced the people more when he decided to close down never never land.

MJ tried very hard to live a private life. And even after these accusations was thrown to him, his fans became loyal and stable to provide Michael with the love and support he needed.

Michael Joseph Jackson is a legend. He was bigger than life. He moonwalked his way towards becoming the King of Pop. We hated him and we loved him. He was black and he was white. You can never put a GREAT MAN down. He became a global icon as an artist. No one could even come close in comparison to his energy and courage to become different. Thank you for the music MJ... Rest in Peace.

Photo from: Google Images

A big scare occured in our house today. My youngest sister came home with a fever. She has been having cough and colds for a week now and she has been suffering from sore throat for more than two weeks. We weren't that alarmed when she came up with the fever just earlier.. We were more worried when she had the sudden onset of rash in her arms and when she started getting chills. We were considering she might have the swine flue or dengue fever. So, my mom decides to take her to the hospital and I tagged along.

When we got to the said hospital, everybody was wearing disposable facial masks (except for us.. so we had to buy our own), There were a few patients there who had suspected that they may have swine flu as well. My sister was accommodated really fast since we were the first people there. The resident doctor did her assessment and acquired her medical history. She was very confident to inform us that my sister didn't have to undergo the swine flu screening because she didn't have it. She said that she was probably experiencing these signs and symptoms as a complication of her severe tonsilitis. We were very relieved to hear this! :)

We didn't even take up thirty minutes inside the emergency room. The resident doctor just did her assessment, health teaching, and prescribed some medications. Thank God it wasn't anything serious... :)

Just last Monday, a long time friend whom I've never seen for the longest time had contacted the rest of the gang to hang-out in a cafe. At first I was really hesitant to go but I still came through since one of my friends picked me up from the house. I was really happy to see that all four of us was together again.. Even for just a while. It wasn't like the usual get together where we'd look for a cozy place to sit and drink some cocktails even during the late afternoon... We just quietly had a snack in Burger King and caught up over the lost times.

As I've mentioned, there was four of us... The other two was married with kids and the rest was single... I was of course in the single's corner. :) Both my married friends were talking about their lives with their new family. As happy as they may seem, they shared that they were having some problems in the relationship as well. See, both of the couples still lives with their parents. They still depend on them for food and shelter. Although they already have their respective jobs, they still stay there becaues they can't afford to live on their own. My guy friend which was with us is married to her long time girlfriend and they have a beautiful baby boy. He didn't work after he graduated because he's taking care of his son while his wife's the one going to the office and bringing food on the table. Because of this, my friend doesn't have a say on how he want things done... In addition to that, they're living with his wife's parents. I advised him to get a job but he said he couldn't bare to leave his son with just anybody. I honestly think that his wife's taking him for granted... And basing from his stories, I think she doesn't respect him at all. But who am I to blame her? I'd probably feel cocky if I knew I was the one wearing the pants in our relationship.

Then, my other girl friend who was also married shared her story... Fortunately, she and her husband are doing fine. They're happy and both working for their cute daughter. But they too still can't afford a place of their own... She hates having to deal with her husband's spoiled sisters...

Hearing those kind of stories from my friends helped me realize that I want to take things slow when it comes to this matter. I wouldn't want to end up going through what they were talking about. They've opened my eyes. Thank you!

Hello again.. I was a bit panicing earlier since our connection was down. It turns out that I wasn't alone. My brother was able to log on to his yahoo messenger account while the dilemma was happening and some of his friends were experienceing the same problem as well. I guess our service provider had to fix some technical matters. It's good that they were able to resolve this right away. I only suffered for almost three hours. :) It's just that I always play online games in the computer.. and I don't like missing it. :D

I've heard that from friends that some internet providers have this problem occurs often in some areas. Fortunately, we weren't included in that list. :) Hopefully, this won't happen again. :(

Are you able to access your internet connection just fine right now? I seem to be having a connection interruption. This really blows! I'm so used to coming home and hitting the computer right away. I hope I could figure out what's wrong with this. I have become so dependent to this technology. I'm starting to panic here. :( I have internet connection but the problem is, I couldn't connect to the other sites I often visit. I only have access in google and yahoo. This better be resolved soon. I have a lot of things to do... Well, it's good that I'm able to open my account here.

Is anybody experiencing the same thing right now? Do share... Or does anybody here know how to fix this? Our computers' are just saying that there's an error with our DNS server. What's that?? I've been trying to figure this out for almost an hour now.. The longer I do it, the more I get frustrated with the situation.

Wishing all the dads out there a happy happy father's day... How did you guys celebrate this day for the very special man in your life?...

We were suppose to dinner in a restaurant tonight after we attend the Sunday mass but unfortunately my mom came up with allergies and she wasn;t feeling well. So we decided to just stay at home. I wanted to do something special for my dad this year. I couldn't buy him a gift because I couldn't afford what he wanted so I just sent him a e-card and I wrote him a very long letter. :) I hope it moved him the way it moved me while I was writing it.

Dads are usually taken for granted... One survey proved that the least celebrated occassion was father's day. May be it's because fathers are not the type who'd like to go out and make a big deal about their special day. Most offsprings are are more closer to their moms. I guess its because most men aren't very vocal with their feelings compared to women.

Reminiscincg the old days, I could still remember the time when my dad always makes himself available just to fetch anywhere I was. He'd go out of his way just to be sure that I'd be hime safe. I'm very much impressed with my father because he's wise, smart, and forward. I realize that I'm my parents' most stubborn daughter. They raised me to become a very strong and smart woman, that's why I'll fight fair to get whatever I want in life. They've sacrificed sp many things for us that's why my only goal right now is to give them a better life after they could retire...

To my dad, happy father's day. We all love you so much. :)

I usually sleep at 6 am in the morning now. By that time, my dad's already up. He always plays his piano right after he gets up from bed. It's been like that ever since I can remember. The weird thing about it is, I never get tired of waking up to his songs... I realized that I like hearing my dad play the piano. Sure, there were times that it was kinda annoying because I couldn't concentrate on what I was doing since he was too loud... But most of the time it was like the most beautiful music I've ever heard. My dad's really impressive everytime he plays. He plays the piano always by ear. He's now trying to study notes. After hearing a certain song two times, my dad could already play it. Piano isn't the only instrument my dad could play. He plays the guitar, the drums, harmonica, violin, and the banjo. A one man band. :) My family has always been musically inclined. But amongst my siblings, nobody had inherited my dad's passion for music. My grandfather (his father) pushed him to become interested back when he was still a kid. He keeps telling us that our grandfather used to hit him with a stick whwnever he's not paying attention to their teacher. They barely had a living before... My grandfather loved his art that's why he wanted my father and his siblings learn to master an instrument since he loved music as well... It's so amazing that eventhough they were already thriving to live, my grandfather was able to get a piano teacher for all of them. :)

Last night, I was able to witness the soft launching of Statement Magazine in Fiamma Club Makati city. I must say, I was pretty proud of myself for not getting lost and for driving like a "pro" (since I was using my friend's car). :) I'm really bad with directions, especially if those directions point to Makati. I hate driving there. It's such a hassle! And it's very hard to memorize the where the streets lead to. It'll be much better if you just commuted.

Anyways, Statement magazine is a men's lifestyle magazine. The cover for their maiden issue was Priscilla Meirelles. The cover was pretty simple. Unlike other men's magazines, the covers usually involves hot ladies almost naked posing. I was surprised to see just a picture of their model's face blown up to fit the whole cover. (I'll follow up the picture, as soon as I get a hold of my camera).

The program started at around 9:30pm and ended til almost 11. It had a fashion show and some raffle. The program was a bit boring. They didn't anything to interact with the audience. In short, I've seen BETTER! LOL! Although they were right in choosing their host for the night (Mike Evers, model) ... The collection for their fashion show was really stunning. I forgot the name of the designer. After every dress was something better. It was classy, fresh, and wearable.

I wasn't able to eat during the event. I only got to drink 2 cocktails which was so lame... Compared to most of the events I've been to. It really felt that they were not prepared at all. Limited resources, and an unorganized programs. *Tsk tsk...* I won't shut my doors though. I'll only be expecting something better for next month's issue.

Good Children

Being surrounded by kids is really fun... Somehow, being around them also brings out the child inside you. It feels really fulfilling to have the chance in teaching them new lessons in life. A friend of mine has three kids... His oldest son is 12 and his youngest daughter is 5. They're a bunch of good kids and I miss them so much. :) Now a days, it's hard to nurture a child. The genereation today isn;t quite the same as before. The children I've just mentioned grew up in a different country... That makes you expect that they have different attitudes compared to the children being raised here. You'd actually think they'de be much more independent and sweet. But to my surprise... They turned out to be opposite of what I've expected. They're very respectful, smart, and sweet. They're not spoiled brats who just cries in one corner of the room if their wishes aren't being follwed. I wish, all the kids in the world would grow up to be this way. If this would be the case, I'm sure the world would become a better place. If they want to buy somehting, and they're parents says no... They'de just say "okay." :) Whenever something wrong happens, they panic and always think it was they're fault (which I think is so cute..). Props to the parents as well for managing to raise good kids like them. They never laid a hand whenever their kids do something bad. I've always believed that hitting your child is not a way positive reinforcement. What they do is, they punish them by grounding or by standing in one corner facing the wall. :D It may all sound easy... But most couples can't pull it off. As a couple, you must stand side by side whenever setting up rules for your children. Don't let the kids find a loop hole within the bond... Or else, you'll be in trouble. I look forward in making my own family. But I'm not excited to get there yet. I be someone before I settle down.

It's been almost two months since I've resigned from my job in the hospital. So, I'm still in the middle of my long vacation (An loooong extension of my summer). A typical day for me will be wake up, eat breakfast, watch TV, and hit the computer... Then, I'll eat dinner in the evening and get in from of the computer again until I get tired and fall asleep. Since I don't have a job right now, I don't worry about getting up early in the morning so I tend to stay up late the night before. My body's used to adjusting it's clock since I was a nurse before and I deal with very unstable shifts. I slept at around seven in the morning earlier... and woke up at twelve noon. I meant to set my cellphone alarm at that time because I wanna quit the habit of waking so damn late in the day. Like yestersay for example. I slept at around five am the night before and woke up at 4:30 in the afternoon. I basically wasted my whole day sleeping. I don't want myself getting used to that kind of habit. There's a lot you can do during those lost times that you couldn't possibly get back. I felt like I was in my own world this past few days. I couldn;t talk to anybody while I was awake because it was time for sleeping for the rest of the people in world. LOL! I also feel that this staying up late thing is not healthy for my studies. Two nights agom I decided not to play in the computer and not to watch TV. I wanted to use the time I was awake to do some reading for my upcoming mursing exam. So, after I read the whole chapter, I went ahead and took the test where I could see if I understtod everything. I was so confident that I'll be getting a high score since I just read it, but to my surprise, I only got 5/20!!! That's so embarrassing! And I just wasted time reading somehting I didn;t understand because my brain wasn't functioning well. This is why, from now on.. I vow to always try to sleep early!!! LOL

I've been a post-paid Suncellular user for almost four years. I had a post-paid account with Globe Telecom before as well. I couldn't afford to use them all at once so I decided to keep the Suncellular instead because it was a lot cheaper. Most of the people I talk with on my cellular phone are my family and closest friends... They have Suncellular too, so I could talk to them 24/7.

The only thing I don't like about the network is that it has a really bad signal everywhere!!! :( Especially when we're having bad weather, you can expect that the network will be more down. It's hard to get a good reception with this network... I guess, that's what I get for being CHEAP.. lol. There offers are really hard to turn down. Imagine, I'm only paying 350 Php monthly for their services. Compared to what I'm playing to Glob before, which is 500 Php/month. Not only that, with Suncellular, I could talk to my loved ones as long as I want (without having to worry of what my bill's going to be on the cut-off date). This is as long if theit using the same network too. So, it's basically unlimited text and call 24/7 from Suncellular to Suncellular networks. Plus, I have free 250 SMS free to other networks. I'm on the phone a lot. One time, I saved up almost 20,000 Php just being of using Suncellular. I was so surprised! I learned this information from the billing statements they send me every month. They have a list of all the calls I made for the whole month and a computation if ever they charged me with the regular rate.. lol. That's big, huh??!

Anyways, that still doens't make up for the fact that they have realldy bad signals. :)) And they also have bad customer representatives on their hotlines. That's why I don't like asking for their help, because most of the call-center agents I talked to was rude... Shame! I hope they could read this so that they could hire better employees next time.. hahaha! lol

I've always loved dogs, even when I was a lot younger. I have a total of three dogs right now and I believe that I've connected with them in the highest level already. It's amazing that dogs and owners have this beautiful connection towards each other. It's truly magical. Like for example, my shih tzu Miko knows whenever I'm hurt or sad. He has a very protective personality. I was able to discover back when he was still 2 years old. Me and my siblings always plays tough with each other. It sometimes involves hitting and shouting... My dog would think that they're hurting me and he'll jump right at them to stop whatever they're doing to me. It's the sweetest thing :)

Also, even though dogs can's speak at all... Their loving owners know what's on their mind.. I know whenever my Miko is thirsty, hungry, and ready to do his business. As if we've formed this special kind of way to communicate with each other. He's relationship with my mother is the same. I even think that there are times he loves her more than he loves me :), which I think is really cute. When Miko is coming uo with something, I notice it right away. It's not like him to just sleep all day. Miko and I play rough most of the time too. Sometimes, he scratches or bites me unintentionally. I get to his nerves sometimes and he never ever bit me so hard like as if he really meant it. I love my dogs very much and I know they only deserve the best out from me ecause they make me very happy. It's like going home to your own little kids :)

My Samsung E250 cellphone broke just last week. Fortunately, I got to replace it right away. It's very difficult not having a cellphone now a days. Almost every year, my cellphone breaks down. It's either I can't take care of it that well or I've just been settling with the cheap ones. I replaced my Samsung with a Nokia and I hope this'll last longer. Cellphones I guess just has a bad habit of dying in me. lol! I use my cellphones a lot. I talk on the cellphone in an average of 2 hours a day. I seldon text but, I always have someone on the line. That's why I never turn it off (even ehen charging). I think I overuse it a lot. But isn't that the main function of a cellphone. A gadget that you can use to call or text the people you have to talk to. I can't tell you how many cellphones I've had over the years. There's already quite a lot. I don;t bother to get them fixed because I think it's more expensive if I tried to revive the unit compared to having to buy a new one. Once you're cellphone breaks, it'll happen over and over again until it's totally not repairable anymore.

I was very happy with my Motorolla Razr once. I thought that that'll be the last cellphone unit I'll be using since I was very much satisfied with it's features. Sad to say, that it broke too :( This is the main reason why I don't buy really expensive units. It's becasue I'm afraid that it wouldn't last tha long with me too. But if I could just afford one, I'd buy myself an iPhone. :) I really like the way it looks.. It's just too expensive :( And besides, I'm sure I'll be dropping it a lot since I'm very careless with my things. :(

Couples fight becasue women have something inside them called "Expectations". And in a lot of cases, a woman's expectation is too high. Couples fight because man can't comply. :) They can't achieve what is being expected from them most of the time. And why is is that we women can;t say what we really feel whenever we want something done? Guys are very clueless whenit comes to relationship and understanding the opposite sex that's why whatever the situation may be, women will have to say what's in her mind to make something really happen. Men don't have the intuition like we have. :)

I'm not implying that women should lower their expectations for their men. There's nothing wrong with high standards. But we must admit, sometimes we go way above our league to the point that it sound ridiculous already. But then again, who in the right mind would become happy in knowing that she has to settle for less?? Right??!


I;m done plauying restaurant city already... It;s just that, there are so many games and application in Facebook. I don;t know what to maintain. Anyways, Ive been playing "Know-it-all" in facebook and I'm currently in a Junior Braniac. I have fun with it since I could beat some of my friends in some of the quizzes. Also, I get to remember some of the things I've learned from school. :) So it's fun, challenging, and educational. They have a lot of trivia questions. You can choose the category you're most familiar with. I dont have a favorite category in particular right now because I'm focusing on beating my friends' scores first. It's not just getting the answers right, you also have to answer it fast. They have a time limit in each question, and you're score criticaly depends on how fast you were able to answer it. I'm good at answering fast :) I'm a fast-reader, so it kinda paid off. I like my status in the game right now. As of the moment, only a few are categorized to know more than me. I have an ultimate goal of getting in the "Know-it-All" level... :) What will people think of next?? A lot of games are already out there. I even influenced some people to play it too. Like my boyfriend and sister. We're trying to beat each other's scores now, and it drives me crazy because I'm always on the look out. I hope you get to experience this too..

I was successful to schedule my NCLEX on December 2, 2009. I'm excited and nervous, all at the same time... :( I know I still have 6 months to study for this exam. But I've been out of school ever since I graduated from College, which is 2 years ago... I hope I could recall everything. I've worked in a hospital before, and I was able to learn a lot more but I'm not sure if what I gained from my experience is enough. I don't want to entertain the thought that I might fail this exam... I don't include that in my choices. Having to register and schedule for this already cost me almost $500. I don't want to waste that big amount of money. It's so weird that I have to pay that kind of amount... I'll only be taking an exam... It's so expensive. In addition to that, I want to enroll in a review center for support. And that will cost another 30,000 Php or 600++ USD! My gosh! It'll also feel very embarrassing if I failed... huhuhuhu! I wish I could make it... I'm excited to study again... I want to give something in return to may parents for giving me the best they can. I owe them a lot. It's my turn to take care of them. And I believe that working abroad is the best way to achieve that quickly. I hope what they teach us here in the Philippines is no different from what they teach in the United States. I know that the US' economy is going down as of the moment, but I still want to try. if ever it doensn't work out, I want to take the CGFNS as well o be able to work in the other countries of the world.


I know it stands for Constituent Assembly, but what does it really mean?? I watched the news earlier, and I felt belittled as a Filipino when I saw one of the reporters interview some of the rallist. The reporter asked them what did CON ASS mean... To my surprise, majority of them didn't know what it even stands for!!! Most of the people that participated in the rally was part of the lower urban community. According to the news, an estimate of 13,000 people was there in Makati to protest against CON ASS. But after what I saw, I began to wonder.... In those 13,000 people, how many people knew what they were fighting for. Filipinos should be properly educated about matters like this. They just can't go there and not know what's going on... I hope the government would explain this issue furthur.

Swine Flu

The Swine Flu started in Mexico and now it has reached the Philippines, particulary Manila. The government is alarmed and the schools are getting scared that this terrible virus might break out to the whole country. If you tried to research about the H1N1 virus online, there's no specific explination on where it came from nor how it really affects our body. This made me realize that this should be something terrified about because we don't know that much about it. Like any virus infection, our best defense is our strong stamina and body resistance. Other than that, we must force fluids, make sure we eat, and have complete rest.

It sucks that it reached our area. To think that it came all away from Mexico. We should really be careful now. Prevention is always better than cure so we must never let our guard down. Besides from putting on those surgical masks, let's protect ourselves by washing our hands regulary and properly. Especially if we've been outside. We could bring hand sanitizers wherever we go, making it more convenient to clean our hands. Alcohol is good too. :) (The external kind, of course!) Or we can carry "wet-wipes" inside our purses to wipe off bacteria and virus on the unfamiliar things before we touch it. I hope nobody gets sick anymore. This disease can cause people death. Be very cautious. Sighns and symptoms include, headache, colds, fever, and cough. If you're feeling under the sun and suspect that you're coming up with something like you've never had before, make sure you go straight to your doctor and have it consulted. It's very sad if you let your loved ones catch it too.

I had a phone call the other day from the accounting department from the previous hospital I've worked for. It turns out that Lisa, one of the employees there made a mistake in encoding some informations in her computer. I received 1,300 Php a month ago from the hospital thinking that it was still part of my last allowance. I even confirmed to both the HR and Accounting office if I still had money to claim and they said yes. Now, after almost three weeks they'd be calling me to say that I have to give the money I received back to them because they just made an error. It's okay that I had to return the money. I just find it such a big hassle for me to go back there!!! When their the ones who made the mistake. They just can't expect me to go out of my way to go to them as soon as possible. urgh!!!! We're not talking about a huge amount here, so I don't even think of just keeping it for myself. I am worth more than that. I just don't like the thought that they'd be bugging me every now and then on when I could give it back. If they want it so bad, then they should come to me! lol! This makes me sound like a diva... lolz! I''m just really upset over this. If I was just a mena person, I'd let the person who commit mistake take a fall.... So that she could learn her lesson... But I'm nice... :S They'll just have to wait until I'm available. Hay!

I feel like such a loser because I've seen Twilight the movie just now. Hahaha! A lot of people are big fans of the book and the movie. It became a big hit all over the world. Thousands of girls liked the fantasy of them being he next Mrs. Cullen or something. During the film showing of Twilight, I was really busy with work. I didn't have the free time to go watch a movie. The trailer of the movie, didn;t really appeal to me anyways so I just let it passed. But then, I got intrigued because of the movie's success. There were times, with my friends that they'll talk about the story while giggling with each other. My boyfriend also wanted to see it with me. Anyways, so I took the time earlier this afternoon to actually sit down and see the movie. To see what everybody was fuzzing about. Well, I must saym the story was quite BIG! But, it was very "cheezy" for me. I honestly did not believe that the movie would affect me this way... Surely, if you knew me... you'd axpect that I'd like it... But, it didn't even made it to my TOP 10 favorites... I got really disappointed. Now, I'd just like to read the book. Maybe I'd enjoy it there much more.

Sorry Twilight fans... PEACE! ;)

The weather had suddenly shifted. The summer sun fully left us. And a new season begins. It's been raining really hard here in Manila and we've been experiencing thunder along with it. Poor Miko, (above is his recent photo) my shih tzu who is currently seven years old has been very anxious for a few days now because of the loud thunder and pouring rain. I can't seem to calm him down, since he's extremely "panicky". This has always been normal for him whenever weather like this comes forth. He never got over it. He doesn't calm down even when you hold him close to you. He's evetually would want to pull himself out and find a comfortable place for him to lie down (which is NOWHERE). he looks so scared ad anxious that I come to a point where I feel helpless too because I can't do anything to somehow ease his panic. Worst part of it is, whenever he gets too scared, he poops and pees wherever inside the house. Recently, he likes doing it on my bed. :) As if, he just goes where the urge strikes whenever he hears something very loud. He doesn' really do that. Miko is potty trained, so he goes outside the house or iin the garage. Normally, he knows how to keep it in unless we forget to take him out. I wish there was like earmuffs for dogs for occassions like this so that no one would suffer. Someone would have to make the earmuffs very thick and genuinely noise-proof because our furry friends' sense of hearing is fifty times stronger than human. Cool huh?! Come to think of it, if we were in their position... We'd probably be very jumpy as well! lol! Could you just imagine, having to hear something very loud that you don't have any idea about??

There's a game in facebook, made by Playfish named Restaurant City. A lot of people are playing it here in our area. At first, I wasn't interested in even looking at the gameplay because two of my sisters are hooked up to it a well. Then, my youngest sister insisted that I should make my own restaurant in the game. So, basically, the games goes like this.... You get a vacant space in a street of Restaurant City and build your own restaurant. It will be really simple and crappy a first, that's why you have to work hard in earning money to upgrade your establishment. You also have to get ingredients everyday from your neighbors or daily quiz so that you could learn a new dish. My sister made me my own restaurant since she had access to my facebook account at the time. I didn't paid any attention while she was actually dong it. Then, one day... I got bored, and decided to take a peak of the restaurant my sister made me. I found it really dull, so rearranged some of the things right away. Wanting so much to make a better restaurant, since I saw my friends' other creations, which was extremely beautiful... Now, I'm always on the computer, staring at every activities my restaurant makes. I vow to stop if I already feel happy with what it looks like. It takes so much of my time though!!! URGH! And the worse part of it is, I can't stay away from the whole thing. lol!

Just a thought

It's always nice to be with the people you've been friends for the longest time with. No matter how many times you spend time with them, the same stories, attitudes, and activities always come up. And, surprisingly, you don't get tired of it. Every time we get together with old friends, let's say from high school or elementary, a little bit of the child within you becomes alive again. But as years go by, and we become seasoned, we can't help but mature and grow up. This allows us to have different problems and more complicated choices. Through that all, we rise and glow brighter than ever. This makes us become better people. Better at relationships and decisions... We hold on to the memories and lessons learned, making us wiser. But even though things are meant to teach you, sometimes you commit the same mistakes over and over again.

Sneezing Panda

Watch carefully. A cute moment for this mother and child. :)

Bored at the office?..... Got across a video on how to do a coffee prank. :)) Enjoy!

Pranks: The Best Coffee Prank

I was totally amazed after seeing this video... My sister was the one who shared this to me.

Folding: How To Fold A T-Shirt In 2 Seconds

Cool... huh?!

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I love the "Ang Spoiled" in Bubble Gang. This is when Angelina and yaya took a road trip. Yaya didn't want Angelina's head hanging outside of the car window. :)

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