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NannySoft Updates You

Kids today are very fortunate to have the luxury of using the internet. Back then, we could only rely on the telephone and the good old fashion house visits whenever we wanted to keep in touch with a certain person. I have nieces and nephews who already know how to work their way through the world wide web as early as 4 years old. I got to admit that it's pretty impressive but this issue still bothers me a lot. For example, my cousin whose 12, already has her own Facebook account. This kind of scares me because most of the social networking sites available right now are very interactive and has poor privacy policies. Children are in great danger from the fast growing head count of child predators in the internet.

My friends who have kids tell me that it's harmless since they only allow their children to use the computer under their supervision. But come on? Kids are very smart. How are you so sure that they really don't go online whenever you're not around? Thankfully, I discovered NannySoft. It's a software that discretely allows you to monitor what your children are doing whenever their surfing the net. This will surely provide relief for those busy parents who can't keep their eye on their kids as much as they have to.

Try to visit NannySoft to download their free trial right now. Their website provides you with screenshots of the software to give you a good view as to how easy to use it.


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  1. jodi said...
    well, that's life and we have to be careful of what our children is looking for the net today. just dropping by sis. god bless you

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