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Acne Treatment

I’m already 23 and I still deal with the occasional acne spurt every month (just before my period). It was a lot worse back in high school but it totally made a setback just before I entered college. I used a lot of anti-acne creams on my face that was prescribed by the dermatologist. It worked for quite some time but I developed a bad reaction to it. It contained Benzoyl Peroxide... But I didn’t know that it could cause harmful effects at the time so I didn’t hesitate to apply it on my skin.

Because of what happened, I became really furious to anything that I’ll be putting on my face. Ever since then, I think the natural way is the Best Acne Treatment for everyone. Diet modification is always good. Eating healthy can prevent us from getting horrible acne. Or sleeping for a good 8 hours per day is a great idea too.

We should take good care of our skin all the time. It’ll be the first thing that other people would be noticing from you.

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  1. Elsa said...
    having acne is such embarrassing and tiring to find products that will really suit every skin needs! Natural and organic way of treating pimples is great!

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