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MRT to Trinoma

Me and my mom took my aunts in Trinoma three weeks ago to give them a short tour of Quezon City. I suggested that we park the car in Glorrieta, Makati so that we could just ride the MRT from there to Trinoma Mall. It felt as if it was a great plan because if I had driven the car all the way to North Avenue, it'll surely take us longer due to the bumper to bumper raffic. We arrived in Ayala around 3:30 pm, and we rode the MRT as soon as we got there. I was thinking that it'll be a fun and breezy trip since it wasn't rush hour yet.

After a few minutes, the train arrived in our station. We were all caught surprised as to how many people were riding the MRT at the time. We battled our way inside and endured the very small space we had to occupy while standing up as the train was moving. I got worried for my mom's safety because she wasn't fit to travel in her condition during the time.

I just kept telling them that the discomfort of the situation wouldn't last long. The trip from Ayala station to North Avenue took us less than 20 minutes. We would only have to torture ourselves for a short span of time. I figured that once we get pass this, it'll just be smooth sailing for the rest of the trip.

When we finally got to North Avenue station, where Trinoma mall was... Our faces was in extreme awww! We were happy and grateful that we got there already. We walked around the whole place and felt kinda disappointed of what we saw. Trinoma mall is a well talked about place in Manila, so we expected a lot from it. It was a big and family-friendly place, but not something worth getting out of your way to go to. It'll be probably take me months before I go back there!


  1. chubskulit said...
    Kainis when you expect something great then it turns out to be a crappy one eh? Sis need a favor please?????

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    darkhorse said...
    buti kpa papasyal pasyal lng...bonding tc!
    Dee said...
    The only part of Trinoma I love is the open gardens and the shops - they basically have everything. Though its nothing really special, to me its just like SM or Glorietta :) Greenbelt is a bit better.

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