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The Wrath of Ondoy

Typhoon Ondoy shocked the whole Philippines by lashing out over a month's worth of rain in just a span of three hours yesterday, early in the afternoon. 90% of Manila got flooded. There were a number of areas that was greatly affected by the said typhoon.

Local channels created an ongoing watch that updated the relatives and family members who were just worried sick at home. Filipinos was caught by surprise by this unfortunate disaster. All we could see in the television yesterday was dozens of videos and pictures of people staying on the roof of their 2 storey houses just to keep themselves as dry as possible.

I am so grateful that my family's safe from this terrible event. Me and my mom were left in the house alone yesterday, waiting for the others to arrive safely. My dad was stranded in his office in Quezon City. They had no electricity and food the whole night. My sister was stranded in her school in Makati. Centro Escolar University provided them with shelter and food during their overnight stay. My other sister was safe in her dorm in Dasmarinas Cavite. But my brother in the other hand was stuck in Sucat while he was on his way home. We got more worried with his situation because he had to endure the heavy rain and the chest-high flood all by himself on the road. I was so happy to see him past midnight. He told me that he got very lucky by riding a jeepney who knew a different route. He commuted from school to the house for almost 12 hours. Then, my dad and sister got home the morning after.

There are still people who are stranded in their own tight little spaces until now. Some businessmen were kind enough to convert their establishments into a temporary refugee camp. The government was able set aside their other issues and gave out action as fast as they could. There might have been a lot of delays in their part, but we should remain hopeful for this country needs the unity of its people to survive this natural disaster. Let's all be strong during this devastating tragedy.

Collaborated Video Clips in Youtube.
Here you can hear different reactions from people who had witnessed the wrath of Ondoy first hand. There were a group of students who were laughing in the background during the last clip. May their conscience haunt them forever.

Video Source


  1. Joy0z said...
    Such a horrible news. May Pinas can recover fast and bless are those victims! Thanks for visiting.
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    darkhorse said...
    based! hahaha..nauna ako eh. I'm glad ok naman kau...tsk...hirap tlaga mga pagbabago ng climate puro extreme! khit dito super init kaya ineexpect namin malamig din sa winter...kakaawa talga mga biktima hope wake up call sa govyerno na ayusin ang drainage system at pati nrin sa emergency response...sama sila sa prayers ko tc!
    Analou and Bones said...
    It is really sad to know what happened in Manila because of the typhoon Ondoy. I remember last year when our city in Mindanao was flooded. I was so worried about my family. I know how it felt Bailey when your love ones are out of your sight during this disaster. I just hope that everything will get better soon. Let's hope for the best and ask for our omnipotent father for his guidance, blessings and protection.
    alorn said...
    hi bailey. such a terrible disaster indeed. i was moved to tears by the scenes i watched from you tube and facebook. it was so heartbreaking to see our kababayan suffer from the wrath of nature. i'm glad to hear though that you and your family are safe and so are the rest of the people/relatives/friends that i know from manila and nearby luzon provinces. take care!
    ACRYLIQUE said...
    THANK GOD everything is ok now. .
    Kahit ilang bagyo pa ang dumating sa buhay ko. Kahit gaano kalalaim pa ang bahang lalanguyin ko.
    darkhorse said...
    hi Bailey after kong npanood yun video clips ganun pala ka grabe at prang instant flood ba? kc prang wlang warning bilga nlang lumalim...kakaiba etong bagyo di sya dahan dahan bigla nlng lumalim...tsk...kakalungkot tlaga tc!
    peenkfrik said...
    I've been busy and a bit late about spreading help. I'm glad you're safe.
    missGuided said...
    my heart is bleeding when i saw some of damage made by ondoy.matibay taung mga pinoy kahit my kasunod na super typhoon ondoy pa yan...ryt?
    PJ said...
    Typhoon ondoy was nightmare..

    I live in Pasig and we were also affected by this calamity..

    It hurts to see my fellow Pasiguenos suffering until now...

    charchar said...
    grabeh! talaga yang ondoy na yan. grabe! let's just pray na maging okay na lahat.

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