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Well, first of all... I'm really not a Mar Roxas supporter. But I was so surprised and moved when I saw him formally announcing his withdrawal from the 2010 presidential election earlier in the news today. It was such a big and dramatic move in his part after all the campaigning he had already done for some time.

What he did spoke highly of the good values he really had. I believe that this decision made him become the better man in the whole situation. He sacrificed his dream of leading the Philippines to give way for his friend and colleague Sen. Noynoy Aquino.

You can see a smidge of sadness in Mar's eyes during his whole speech, despite of his obvious efforts to cover his emotions up but he handled it with composure and poise. His supporters couldn't help themselves from crying over what has happened. But their admiration for the public figure had just grown bigger as stated after the press conference.

What a noble act from a true gentleman.


  1. Marice said...
    i heard nga this kanina.. and was shocked too.. naiyak tuloy si korina heheh
    alorn said...
    what sen. mar did made him a true statesman. siguro mahirap din sa kalooban nya na ipostpone muna ang kanyang pangarap but he had to stay true to his service for the people, and one of them probably is to listen to the clamor of the majority.
    sweet_shelo said...
    Really ?? di ko na nakita un sis ah.. Di na pala cya tatakbo as president..
    mark said...
    anu na kaya mangyayari sa kasal nina Korina?
    jenskie said...
    hi! i agree with you, its not easy to forget someones' only goal, to give way to someone... its such a tough decision for him.

    thanks fot visiting my page :)

    have a great day!

    Anne said...
    If Korina and Mar will get married soon, then i guess its a good decision to postponed his presidential candidacy. Family first, after all Korina is not getting any younger. Sana magka baby pa sila.
    tsenn` said...
    i like mar more para maging pres..
    ay anjan din nga pala si binay, tsktsk..
    darkhorse said...
    ganun....huli na talaga ako sa balita...hahaha...tsk...wag mo ako kakalimutan sa halalan ha? hahaha tc
    Chyng said...
    hi Bailey!

    I personally wont vote for him if ever he pursues his candidacy. But this thing that he did earlier, he regained my respect. Very noble.
    Nash said...
    i was surprised and happy as well :)


    hey thanks for the drop cheers!
    ghieGANDA said...
    wow politics. ehehe.. nurse ka din dearie? galing nmn. hehehe.. muah muah!
    grace said...
    Sis, napanuod ko yung live announcement na yan.

    Ako naman maka-Roxas kaya sobrang nawalan ako ng gana bumoto sa 2010. I turned 18 nung March, AT Wala sa Bokubularyo ko bumoto until the day i idolize Mar. Sayang. :(

    But now, I admire him even more.
    Nanaybelen said...
    napanuod ka nga din eh. baka double purpose din yan sa survey ay mas lamang si Villar at pag talo mawala sya lalo
    infavor ako sa ginAWA NYA . i'll vote him for vice
    andy in the country said...
    Yeah! He truly is a gentleman.

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