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Hello and welcome to my site. A personal page for me to blog about my experiences, spur of the moment thoughts, feelings, travel, and etc. I hope you have fun reading my entries as much as I enjoyed writing them. Please feel free to leave your comments and messages.


I am very particular when it comes to placing widgets and applications in my website. Aside from creating the best blog post, I wish to make the over all theme as catchy as possible. It's important to give that great impact towards my visitors in just one glance. This is because when I enter someone else's blog site, it only takes me a matter of seconds to decide whether to read their posts or close the tab. In that very short time, I already know whether the website is worth visiting back or not. Factors like appearance, content, and title catches my attention right away. The look of the website is the first contact the readers will have with the blogger. That's why it's best to leave a great impression at all times.

Basing from my everyday blog visits, I think Flash clocks/calender widgets can be a great addition to our blog site. Besides from giving you and your readers the convenience of knowing what the time and date is, it can serve as a unique and functional decoration on the web page. Having this widget embedded on your site is very easy. All you have to do is choose from the 1000 designs has to offer. Copy the html code provided under the image and paste it on the layout editor. Also, please allow me to mention that all their designs are FREE!



  1. Shas said...
    Hi! bailey, Howz you?

    Well-said. Widgets are important and we should select those which goes well with the blog. This calender widget is cute and attractive.
    vonfire said...
    cool widgets site, thanks for sharing! :D
    Ladybird said...
    Very neat, thanks for sharing to us all!

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