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Hello and welcome to my site. A personal page for me to blog about my experiences, spur of the moment thoughts, feelings, travel, and etc. I hope you have fun reading my entries as much as I enjoyed writing them. Please feel free to leave your comments and messages.

There are various activities that we can enjoy when visiting Switzerland. This country is most known for their delicious chocolates, beautiful landscapes, and inspiring history. What most people don't know is that, there's still so much to be said about this marvelous place...

I'd want to have a taste of their national dishes and share them with family and friends. I also would like to go around the old cities and sights to appreciate more of their very colorful past. And lastly, try mountain climbing with professional mountaineers, for their alps are quite well known to be a sure treat for the eyes. What an overwhelming experience would it be to reach the top?

From the countless ways on how you could Discover Swiss "Pearls" to the fullest, these are my Top 5 favorites that I would like to share to you:

1. Explore Geneva by Boat in Geneve : I love river rafting. This will surely be a lot fun if you did it with friends. I can imagine everyone screaming and laughing when riding each rapids. And in addition to the adrenaline rush, I want to capture the beautiful sights from each side of the river.

2. A Day at the Dairy in Hemishofen: How fun would it be to experience farm life in one of their organic farms. Learn and experience how to make cheese and other dairy products from scratch. Freshly baked bread, every morning... Yum!!!

3. A Day in the Vineyards in Mendrisiotto: I so want to taste the wines they have there too. I heard, during autumn season, interested parties can join the grape harvest in the vineyards. Maybe we could have the pleasure of drinking wine afterwards. Literally "fruits of your labor."

4. Mixing Drinks for Ladies in Zurich: What a great "girls night out" experience. After knowing the basic steps on mixing your own cocktails, I bet it's gonna be easy to make our own recipes for future parties.

5. Gathering Herbs in Champery: I want to tickle my senses with the aroma and taste of healthy herbs they have in the valleys? Herbs are not only tasty, some can actually be cures for certain illnesses.

Check out the unique gems Switzerland has to offer... Discover Swiss "Pearls" in your lifetime. It's truly a great place, whether your looking for a great vacation or a place for you to settle down.



  1. Perfectly Blended said...
    Congrats on your first opp! More to go!!! :)
    darkhorse said...
    wow ganda naman jan! pasama?
    Bailey Baretto said...
    @ darkhose: it is pretty.. :) let's go! :)
    Kablogie said...
    Teka, wait mo ako..mag impake lang ako ng mga damit ko sa tampipi! lols!
    PJ said...
    wish ko lang na makapunta rin ako jan! :)

    i think that place is so beautiful! :)

    danna said...
    i never thought that Switzerland could be as interestiong and as adventurous as that... at least now, i have an idea :)

    i wish i could visit that place in my lifetime :)

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