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Pet Obesity

This condition is easily brought upon our pets. Sometimes, it's so hard to not give them a piece of what you're eating while he or she begs with her cute big eyes...

A lot of people don't know that our pets should have their own customized and fit diet. They should eat healthier food compared to their owners. Nowadays, humans consume more junk compared to before. These type of food makes us unhealthy, what more will it bring to our little furry babies?

The normal quantity of what we could eat is NOT the same with our pets, due to nature given conditions such as size and body activity.

Did you know that feeding a whole scrambled egg to your toy dog is equivalnt to actually serving him or her with 6 pieces? Even just 2 strips of bacon means serving him or her with a cup of saturated fat.

We might think that fat pets are so cute... The effects of obesity in animals are very similar to what it does to humans. Over weight pets are more prone to get cardiovascular problems and other diseases. Hip dysplasia is a very common condition because their bones become too stressed to support their body mass. They may end up with immobilty, breathing difficulties, and heart attacks.

It's okay to give your pets the occassional table scrap in small servings, but I advise you do this once you've already established his proper diet which could be the regular dog food, steamed vegetables, and ground meat.

In the cases of some house pets, they're meant to do certain types of exercises every now and then. Try walking or playing with them even for just 30 minutes everyday to promote muscle formation and increase metabolism. You can play fetch with your dog, give a ball of yarn to your cat, provide an exercise wheel for your hamster, and so on... Doing this, can make your pet more active and fit.

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  1. Dana Telecom said...
    Oah, useful info. Thanks.
    The Teenage Girl said...
    hha i like your picture with the dog and the cute big eyes :)
    shalla said...
    I agree. I know I HAD to. Those cute little eyes and their sorroful purring... you know you just can't help it but open the can and hand them their treat.
    Meryl (proud pinay) said...
    aww..they are so cute..but medyo nasobrahan nga ng kain..
    sometimes talagang ang mga amo gustong mataba ang mga alaga nila pero di nila minsan napapansin na nasosobrahan na. kaya minsan hirap din ang alaga nilang kumilos.
    useful information ^_^ i like your post ^_^
    sweet_shelo said...
    this is a nice post.. Very informative one..

    The pets are so cutie...

    By the way, thanks for coming over my site. Have added ur link to my everyday visited links..

    Got an award for u too, the Loyal Friend and Visitor award.. hope you could grab it.
    Nagashiko said...
    Oh my gosh! So cute even if they're fat! I liked the dog very much! =D
    danna said...
    the pictures you used are so cute! can't blame you for giving a treat to those cute little fur balls :) haha

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