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Mom's 50th Birthday Bash

Skipping my Yummy Sunday tradition so I could give way for this entry...

As mentioned from my previous post, my mom will be having a grand birthday bash in the province over the weekend.

Well, with God's blessing, the party went fun and smoothly. All of her siblings (aside for just one whose in the US right now) was able to attend her whole day celebration in Tanaunan City. As expected, some of my cousins' children was there too... So we made special treats for them to enjoy.

I'm very happy to see my mom and dad having a great time earlier today. A day well spent indeed. :)

I made a presentation for this particular occassion as a gift for my dear mother. And it's my pleasure to share this to you:


Special thanks to these following people:
Tita Baby

Pinoy Celebrity Greetings Grabbed from the following links:
Marian Rivera
Manny Pooh-quiao
John Lloyd Cruz
Anne Curtis
Sam Milby
Gabby Concepcion

Note: Everyone was fully advised of where as to some of the clips that was included in this video originated from. I hope you don't mind me sharing them.

Me and my family are very grateful for all my mom's well wishers, friends, and relatives.

Thank you very very much!!!


  1. stella said...
    Happy 50th birthday to your mom!! wish her all the blessings in life. :)
    grace said...
    Happy bday to your mom sis.

    You're such a sweet and thoughtful daughter.

    keep it up. :)
    bea trisha said...
    happy golden birhday to ur mom!
    keep up being a nice daughter!
    Jenny0323 said...
    Belated Happy Birthday to your Mom!
    Shopn'Chomp said...
    Hi hun, happy belated b-day to your mom! :) Thank you for stopping by my blog. You have a cute website.

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