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Happy 50th Birthday MOM!!

Besides from the coronation of 2009's Ms. Universe winner, Stefanie Fernandez from Venezuela... Me and my family will be celebrating something more special than that today, which is my dear mother's 50th birthday.

My mom deserves a really big party this year since she's always been humble and giving all her life. Just three weeks ago, she was hospitalized for 9 days to undergo TAHBSO in order to avoid the progression of an underlying disease. Fortunately, I was there to take care of her from the start up to the present. She's very strong in handling her current condition.

Most probably, majority of all of us sees our parents as modern superheroes. They're always there no matter what, takes care of you when you're sick even from having a tough day at work, waking up early in the morning to cook your breakfast just to make sure you ate before leaving the house. I feel safe whenever they're around. As if everything will be alright no matter what. That's why it was so hard for me to see any one of them in a weak state. But I was proud that during my mom's unstable health condition, I became her ROCK.

Mom had several friends and close relatives. She would always have visitors around almost everyday when she was confined in the hospital. Because of what she had just gone through, I really planned on giving her a celebration for her birthday. But then, a few days after she got discharged, her sister called me and said that she wants to sponsor a big surprise birthday party for mom. I got really excited to execute everything, but then... While my aunt was talking to my mom one day, her tongue slipped and gave out the whole plan.

It was pretty disappointing at first, but the bright side was... My mom was involved with the planning as well. At least, she could have it whatever way she wants. Even my grandmother form the States will be coming back home for her on the 28th. So, we'll be having a separate birthday bash in the province a week from now... This is so that she could be reunited with her siblings at the same time.

I'm very excited and happy for her... This for sure will help with her recovery.
Happy happy birthday MOM!!! I love you :))


  1. vonfire said...
    Oh I wish ur mom's full recovery on her 50th bday. Just like you im also very closed to my mom. She's my bestfriend and all the blessings, success in my life right now, I owe it to her. :D
    Bailey Baretto said...
    @ Vonfire: Thank you for your well wish Vonfire :)
    darkhorse said...
    Happy bday sa Mommy mo...sure mag eenjoy sya lalo na kasama nya mga loveones n oweiz!
    darkhorse said...
    Happy bday sa Mom mo - sure mag have fun sya lalo na kasama nya loveones and friends! ingat lagi - ayus yun dilaw na t shirt? lol.
    Bogie said...
    Hi there... I can't wait to hear what happened during the birthday bash... :)

    Happy Birthday to your mom!

    I'll be online tomorrow probably by 9PM.
    Skippyheart said...
    Happy Birthday to your Mom!

    Have a great week as well. =)
    Frecci said...
    Happy Birthday to your Mom!

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