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I had a headache watching this in the cinema. It was hardcore action and full blown high end video effects. It felt kinda weird though... The decepticons outnumbered the autobots by one is to three and they still managed to attain victory. Also, they've included a decepticon in the movie that could transform into a hot human girl.

I can't say much about the transformers, since their acting was superb! :) So, let's go to the real human actors... :) Basically, everyone did a good job. You can easily see how the actors from the first movie had evolved and improved their performances. Megan Fox (Mikaela) in particular, sported out that she was really able to pull the part off this time. All she seemed to do in first movie was to look good. She nailed that part of the character down but the rest of what she was did there sucked! haha! But now, Megan had shown some real-like emotions that was appreciated by yours truly. We were even very disappointed that Megan's top didn't even fall off during the whole movie since she was always running around in her tight breast hugging outfits. (Come on boys! I bet you thought of the same thing too... ;))

Over-all, I really enjoyed the movie. It was way better if we could've enjoyed it in 3D... Wow! Just thinking about it gives me chills! :D

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