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Please help my Sharpei

One of our Chinese Sharpeis, the male one whose almost two years old was immediately brought to the veterinary clinic today due to loss of appetite since yesterday and sudden paralysis of the lower body. I was very surprised to see him earlier this morning just lying down on the floor so weak and helpless. I instantly knew he was feeling something really terrible because he couldn't get up to greet me when he usually is very excited whenever he sees either me or my boyfriend.

When we got to the clinic, his veterenarian did a complete blood count and a routine x-ray. The x-ray showed no current fractures, but it did reveal that his spleen was quite enlarged and one of his vertebrae in the lumbar area is narrow, thus causing the impeding of the blood circulation in his lower body. The doctor explained that this is the reason why he's suffering from lower body paralysis. The impeded vertebrae is causing his nerves in that area to become inflammed resulting to an obstruction to his normal blood flow. In addition to that, the CBC confirmed that on top of everything my poor baby's already going through, he has parasitic infection. He caught it from a tick that had punctured its way into his blood stream thus attacking his spleen. This condition is responsible for the loss of appetite and the failure to thrive.

It's so heartbreaking to see someone so happy and innocent go down rapidly like he did. The vet requested that he undergoes a series of sessions from a professional chiropractor to help him walk again. She primed us of the possible expenses and we were shock to find out that it's very expensive (minimum of 2,500 Php/session). He has to undergo this everyday until he no longer needs it. But I guess if that's the only option I have, I'll have to go for that just so that I could see my baby walk again. I won't give up on him... Especially when I can see that he's fighting.

Does anybody out here know anything about this condition? Or if you've expereinced the same situation, please do share your interventions... Enlighten us with some more informations. Your comments and suggesstions will be highly appreciated here.


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