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Pinoys going Large

If you remember, America's fast food restaurants were challenged and mocked by a certian documentary film by Morgan Spurlock last 2004 entitled; "Supersize me". He made himself eat only food from McDonald's for 30 days. This is to put his body to the test... According to his statistics, 60% of adult Americans are either overweght or obese. And this is one of the leading causes of terrible health complications.

It's not a secret that the Philippines is infleunced so much by the United States of America. We follow by their fashion and trends. I guess, it's in the Filipino's nature to be quite fascinated by the foreigners all the time. We're fond of the fact that something is "imported".

Americans without a doubt has a bond with the Filipinos as well. There's no area here in Manila where you couldn't find something that originated from the USA. Like, McDonald's, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Wendy's, Burger King, Guess, Babyphat, Nike, Adidas, and a lot more.

We've embraced their products and we've adapted to their culture and taste. We don't need written data to prove that the percentage of Filipinos who are overweight is increasing at this moment. By merely looking around, you would realize that they're everywhere...

We are living in a very toxic environment now. Compared to how the generations before us had lived their lives. Before, they had the traditional home-cooked meals and the occassional eating out for special celebrations. Now, we're doing it vice versa because it's easier and more convenient.

Have you noticed that the fast food restaurants in the Philippines are one-by-one coming up with an additional large size to offer their consumers? In KFC, they now have the Bucket of Fries, in McDOnald's and Jolibee, they have the super large fries. Did you know that, a medium size of one order of fries in the US is actually bigger than the large size available here in the Philippines? Their double gulped from seven-eleven (US) is equivalent to 1/2 gallon of soda. (That's equal to 48 teaspoons of sugar). Slowly, these sizes are available for us too... And eventually, these would go directly to our thighs, arms, love handles... Or worse, clog our arteries...

I'm not discouraging you to eat from these fastfood restaurants... This is just to remind you that it's always wise to eat right. Your body is the temple of your soul. And whatever happens to it is just a reflection of your choices. It's okay to have the occassioanal binge of your favorite food but never let yourself go...

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