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Home on a Saturday Night

It's been a long time since I last stayed home on a Saturday night... I don't remember the last time actually... (hehe!) I'm only 23 years old, and apparently my night life just reached it's peak lately. I'm not at all ready to settle down and leave all of these behind. I don't party hard though... I hope I'm not giving you the impression of me being a party girl or something like that. As of now, I just enjoy being with friends so much on a random night where we just find a cozy place and have some cocktails to exchange gossip and other relevant topics.

Sitting alone in my room tonight feels weird... I'm not used to it. I decided to stay home because my boyfriend's still in China. I don't feel comfortable going out without him. It just feels a lot safer whenever he's around. I don't want to get into trouble... :) Plus, my parents will be very thrilled that I stayed home for a change. I've been really pushing my luck with them. I want to make them happy. It's the least I could do since I'm not doing anything at home. I just resigned from work because I wanna focus more on my studies for an upcoming exam on December... I'm just not sure if I could keep this up... It feels as if I don't belong... (LOL!)


  1. peenkfrik said...
    Hey! There's nothing wrong with staying home on a Saturday night. ;)
    Joemill said...
    Well change has two faces. Glad you're doing what you think is right. ;)
    Bogie said...
    it's okay dear... you'll be reaping all your sacrifices when you already pass the exam. There is always a TIME for everything. God bless you!

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