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Eden's Nature Park, Davao

Me and my mom have different tastes and interests. We both travelled to Davao for the first time together last summer, that's why we didn't have any idea on what to expect nor what we must-see while we were in the city. I was very excited to hit the beach while she was excited to visit the rainforests. So, before we flew to Davao, we googled its famous and must-never-miss tourist spots... We stumbled on to a lot of places, and listed up what we wanted to go to when we get there. Amongst all the places we got to see in Davao, we saved Eden's Nature Park for last, since I wasn't really that eager to go (because I wasn't at all impresses with the pictures we saw in the internet). But my mom is a real nature lover that's why she made sure we dropped by the place before we leave.

We checked-in in Bajada, which is 15-25 minutes away from Davao International Airport. From there, we had to take an hour drive to get to Eden's Nature Park. We didn't have our own car since we were just there to visit so we hired a cab for the whole day instead.

Eden's Nature Park is 3000 ft. above sea level, so it's no surprise that the climate would be a little colder there. We arrived around 9:30 in the morning... The park just opened so me and my mom were literally their first customers. Forunately, because of that, we had a private tour of the whole place...

These are just few of the photos taken :) :

"Shading ourselves from an umbrella of orchids..."

"Make a wish and drop a coin on their beautiful well covered of gumamela flowers."

"Posing in the middle of the colorful flower garden."

"Ang kubo ni lola... "

Aside from the beautiful scenery this park has to offer, they also have small vegetable and herb farms in the area. The fabulous reastaurant inside only serves fresh organic products that they've harvested within the park. (yummy!) You can actually, rent this place if you want to celebrate a certain occassion to accommodate a large number of people. They have lodges for rent as well. The price ranges from 1,000++ to 4,000++ Php or 20 to 80 USD, depending on the size and capacity of the cottages. This place have park tours, activity areas, function spaces, greenery, breath taking views, mini-zoos, a luxurious swimming pool, adventure gimmicks, and great food... I recommend everybody to visit it. Aloting even just half of your day would be enough.

I had a great time in Davao. It's a peaceful and friendly city. I'm actually considering to retire in that place in the far future. haha!


  1. PinkNote said...
    wow! it's great here!=)
    AKO SI BLENDA ... said...
    That Well reminds me of the word "Hibiscus" , the term they use to call gumamela dito sa Florida.. :D Hindi ako sanay gamitin, gumamela pa rin tawag ko . :D
    Ms.CandyBlush said...
    Aww, ang nice naman.. I want to go to somewhere like that, nice and looks peaceful talaga.
    Bailey Baretto said...
    @ AKO SI BLENDA: I was trying to remember the English word for gumamela while I was writing this entry. COuldn't recall so i wrote gumamela instead. lol! thanks for reminding me :D haha!!!
    Russ said...
    Enjoyed reading your entry though I have yet to see Davao.Ö Blog-Hoppin.
    chubskulit said...
    wow, ang ganda naman dyan sa davao.. my bro in law is from davao too but i havent been there yet

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