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Cosmetic Surgery for Pets

I always watch this talk show in television every saturday night. Tonight, they featured a topic about cosmetic surgeries being done to pets (especially dogs). It was very sad, alarming, and upsetting. Very young puppies are placed under the knife to satisfy their master's contentment with vanity. Imagine, small little cute puppies who can't even open their eyes yet are sedated, and tied on a steel surgical table just to shorten their tail, crop their ears, or cut off their extra paw... The video was able to show the dogs screaming, crying, and kicking while being sewn up to close the incisions the veterenarians had made.

Vets and petowners who allow this procedures done to their pets are defending themselves by saying that the dogs are actually getting an advantage from it. Like for example, aside from just looking good for the dog shows... Their tails are preferred to be shortened to avoid accidents from people stepping on it. Did you know that, vets could also do something about your dog's excessive and loud barking as well? Apparently, vets cut open the posterior part of their neck to modify the dog's voice.

They may have good reasons for doing these things to their animals... But is it really necessary for them to undergo these procedures when they're in perfect shape??? This would've been acceptable if the animal really needed the surgery to recover from a health threatening condition. Do petowners really have the power to make decisions like this for their beloved pets? Is it really for the animal's own convenience or ours?

I think it's so wrong to alter their true nature. For me. allowing this horrible act is cruelty to animals. God made them to look like that for a reason... I have no objections when humans are enhanced by science... But for a different specie, who are we to place that issue on our hands?

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  1. kitty said...
    naku naman, animal lover pa mandin ako... I wouldn't dare watch that coz it will truly break my heart... oo nga naman ano, why do that to them kung ok naman sila! sana kung may diperensya sila eh di why not kaso naman yung mga amo rin eh.. ewan ko ba... poor animals..
    Bailey Baretto said...
    @ kitty: i know... :) nice to have a c0-animal lover here :)

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