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Bargy Updates

Well, it has been almost a week before my baby Bargy (the Chinese Sharpei) last walked in his own four feet. I've written about his condition in one of my previous entries. Up to now, his lower legs are still paralyzed. We've committed to the physical therapy his vet had prescripted him to undergo. He started his sessions just yesterday. Fortunately, we've found a veterinarian whose going to perform his therapy for 200 Php per session (that's less than 5 USD). This is a very good mark down since a real chiropractor would originaly cost 2,500 Php per session (estimatedly 40 USD). We're crossing our fingers that he could be cured by this medical management. Although, we also took him to a more experienced doctor earlier today to get a second opinion... And he told us that what we're already doing is right. The other vet just changed Bargy's medicine prescriptions into something more stronger since what he's initially taking isn't giving us any good results so far. So we gave it a try as well.

Bargy still has no appetite, but I was very happy to see him trying to drag his lower feet around as he wanders off the room by himself. I guess he got a little bit more cheery now compared to the week before. He still couldn't feel his legs but I became so happy to see him somehow making an effort to wag his tail.

It's very hard to take care of an animal that has this condition. It takes a lot of patience, hard work, and commitment. Since Bargy couldn't stand on his own, he couldn't pee nor take a dump by himself, that's why he's soaked with his own urine quite oftenly. This makes him very prone to have bed sores if not turned every now and then. In fact, he's starting to have rashes on his genitals because of his skin's continuous exposure to urine. On top of that, he's also becoming very thin. Ever since we had him, he always had been choosy with his food. Now that he's not feeling well, it's even more impossible to get him to eat. Since he doesn't have any exercise, his muscles are starting to waste. It crushes me everytime I see my dog in such hardship. He's still young. He should be just running around all over the place at this point of his life...

So far, so good... Little baby steps will still get us there. We just have to hang on and give the Lord our prayers. We'll be brave to face whatever may happen as long as we know that we all gave it OUR BEST shot.


  1. PinkNote said...
    He can do it!=)
    Bailey Baretto said...
    aawww.. thanks for the encouragement pinknote :)
    Tess said...
    I havent been to this place but heard about it. Its just a few hours drive from where I live. Thanks for visiting to my blog. Hope you have a wonderful day!
    GIOVANNI "John" FANCUBIT said...

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