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Swine Flu

The Swine Flu started in Mexico and now it has reached the Philippines, particulary Manila. The government is alarmed and the schools are getting scared that this terrible virus might break out to the whole country. If you tried to research about the H1N1 virus online, there's no specific explination on where it came from nor how it really affects our body. This made me realize that this should be something terrified about because we don't know that much about it. Like any virus infection, our best defense is our strong stamina and body resistance. Other than that, we must force fluids, make sure we eat, and have complete rest.

It sucks that it reached our area. To think that it came all away from Mexico. We should really be careful now. Prevention is always better than cure so we must never let our guard down. Besides from putting on those surgical masks, let's protect ourselves by washing our hands regulary and properly. Especially if we've been outside. We could bring hand sanitizers wherever we go, making it more convenient to clean our hands. Alcohol is good too. :) (The external kind, of course!) Or we can carry "wet-wipes" inside our purses to wipe off bacteria and virus on the unfamiliar things before we touch it. I hope nobody gets sick anymore. This disease can cause people death. Be very cautious. Sighns and symptoms include, headache, colds, fever, and cough. If you're feeling under the sun and suspect that you're coming up with something like you've never had before, make sure you go straight to your doctor and have it consulted. It's very sad if you let your loved ones catch it too.


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