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Soft Launching at Fiamma

Last night, I was able to witness the soft launching of Statement Magazine in Fiamma Club Makati city. I must say, I was pretty proud of myself for not getting lost and for driving like a "pro" (since I was using my friend's car). :) I'm really bad with directions, especially if those directions point to Makati. I hate driving there. It's such a hassle! And it's very hard to memorize the where the streets lead to. It'll be much better if you just commuted.

Anyways, Statement magazine is a men's lifestyle magazine. The cover for their maiden issue was Priscilla Meirelles. The cover was pretty simple. Unlike other men's magazines, the covers usually involves hot ladies almost naked posing. I was surprised to see just a picture of their model's face blown up to fit the whole cover. (I'll follow up the picture, as soon as I get a hold of my camera).

The program started at around 9:30pm and ended til almost 11. It had a fashion show and some raffle. The program was a bit boring. They didn't anything to interact with the audience. In short, I've seen BETTER! LOL! Although they were right in choosing their host for the night (Mike Evers, model) ... The collection for their fashion show was really stunning. I forgot the name of the designer. After every dress was something better. It was classy, fresh, and wearable.

I wasn't able to eat during the event. I only got to drink 2 cocktails which was so lame... Compared to most of the events I've been to. It really felt that they were not prepared at all. Limited resources, and an unorganized programs. *Tsk tsk...* I won't shut my doors though. I'll only be expecting something better for next month's issue.


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