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Michael Jackson dies at the age of 50 in his house at June 25, 2009 due to Cardiac Arrest.

During the 1960's, MJ (still a child) and his other brothers had graced the stage and bedazzled the whole world with his charm and talent. He was the youngest member of their group. Their songs like "ABC", "I'll Be There", and a lot more topped the charts during their time. As years passed by, Michael pursued a solo career and became bigger than ever. He was able to make 10 successful albums. One of which is "Thriller", which he co-produced. "Thriller" was his very big hit. Under it's belt are 25 platinum awards. It sold millions and millions of copies all over the globe.

Despite the success, the King of Pop had to face a lot of intrigues and scandals. The media had beaten him down. He even had to face a very controversial issue about him being a pedophile. During the time, his marriage with Elvis Presley's daughter had collapsed. After 2 years of being together, it lead to divorce. Also, who could forget the time when MJ irresponsibly displayed his youngest son on the balcony of a hotel. A lot of violent reactions had risen after he did that. Fortunately, MJ was able to settle the lawsuits and mishaps. Because of this, people had the belief that Michael was expereincing financial problems. He convinced the people more when he decided to close down never never land.

MJ tried very hard to live a private life. And even after these accusations was thrown to him, his fans became loyal and stable to provide Michael with the love and support he needed.

Michael Joseph Jackson is a legend. He was bigger than life. He moonwalked his way towards becoming the King of Pop. We hated him and we loved him. He was black and he was white. You can never put a GREAT MAN down. He became a global icon as an artist. No one could even come close in comparison to his energy and courage to become different. Thank you for the music MJ... Rest in Peace.

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