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Why do couples fight?

Couples fight becasue women have something inside them called "Expectations". And in a lot of cases, a woman's expectation is too high. Couples fight because man can't comply. :) They can't achieve what is being expected from them most of the time. And why is is that we women can;t say what we really feel whenever we want something done? Guys are very clueless whenit comes to relationship and understanding the opposite sex that's why whatever the situation may be, women will have to say what's in her mind to make something really happen. Men don't have the intuition like we have. :)

I'm not implying that women should lower their expectations for their men. There's nothing wrong with high standards. But we must admit, sometimes we go way above our league to the point that it sound ridiculous already. But then again, who in the right mind would become happy in knowing that she has to settle for less?? Right??!


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