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the Marriage Pep Talk

Just last Monday, a long time friend whom I've never seen for the longest time had contacted the rest of the gang to hang-out in a cafe. At first I was really hesitant to go but I still came through since one of my friends picked me up from the house. I was really happy to see that all four of us was together again.. Even for just a while. It wasn't like the usual get together where we'd look for a cozy place to sit and drink some cocktails even during the late afternoon... We just quietly had a snack in Burger King and caught up over the lost times.

As I've mentioned, there was four of us... The other two was married with kids and the rest was single... I was of course in the single's corner. :) Both my married friends were talking about their lives with their new family. As happy as they may seem, they shared that they were having some problems in the relationship as well. See, both of the couples still lives with their parents. They still depend on them for food and shelter. Although they already have their respective jobs, they still stay there becaues they can't afford to live on their own. My guy friend which was with us is married to her long time girlfriend and they have a beautiful baby boy. He didn't work after he graduated because he's taking care of his son while his wife's the one going to the office and bringing food on the table. Because of this, my friend doesn't have a say on how he want things done... In addition to that, they're living with his wife's parents. I advised him to get a job but he said he couldn't bare to leave his son with just anybody. I honestly think that his wife's taking him for granted... And basing from his stories, I think she doesn't respect him at all. But who am I to blame her? I'd probably feel cocky if I knew I was the one wearing the pants in our relationship.

Then, my other girl friend who was also married shared her story... Fortunately, she and her husband are doing fine. They're happy and both working for their cute daughter. But they too still can't afford a place of their own... She hates having to deal with her husband's spoiled sisters...

Hearing those kind of stories from my friends helped me realize that I want to take things slow when it comes to this matter. I wouldn't want to end up going through what they were talking about. They've opened my eyes. Thank you!

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  1. kitty said...
    yup, got married at 19 and marriage isn't all that peaches and cream like they say, I went through a lot on our first few years. now we're fine, I guess It's how you both deal with it, you have to help yourself, and everybody has to make sacrifices, it takes two to tango ika nga. :) but you'll be fine. kaya ikaw, tama yan take it slow and marriage can come later ;).

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