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Happy Father's Day

Wishing all the dads out there a happy happy father's day... How did you guys celebrate this day for the very special man in your life?...

We were suppose to dinner in a restaurant tonight after we attend the Sunday mass but unfortunately my mom came up with allergies and she wasn;t feeling well. So we decided to just stay at home. I wanted to do something special for my dad this year. I couldn't buy him a gift because I couldn't afford what he wanted so I just sent him a e-card and I wrote him a very long letter. :) I hope it moved him the way it moved me while I was writing it.

Dads are usually taken for granted... One survey proved that the least celebrated occassion was father's day. May be it's because fathers are not the type who'd like to go out and make a big deal about their special day. Most offsprings are are more closer to their moms. I guess its because most men aren't very vocal with their feelings compared to women.

Reminiscincg the old days, I could still remember the time when my dad always makes himself available just to fetch anywhere I was. He'd go out of his way just to be sure that I'd be hime safe. I'm very much impressed with my father because he's wise, smart, and forward. I realize that I'm my parents' most stubborn daughter. They raised me to become a very strong and smart woman, that's why I'll fight fair to get whatever I want in life. They've sacrificed sp many things for us that's why my only goal right now is to give them a better life after they could retire...

To my dad, happy father's day. We all love you so much. :)


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