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Good Children

Being surrounded by kids is really fun... Somehow, being around them also brings out the child inside you. It feels really fulfilling to have the chance in teaching them new lessons in life. A friend of mine has three kids... His oldest son is 12 and his youngest daughter is 5. They're a bunch of good kids and I miss them so much. :) Now a days, it's hard to nurture a child. The genereation today isn;t quite the same as before. The children I've just mentioned grew up in a different country... That makes you expect that they have different attitudes compared to the children being raised here. You'd actually think they'de be much more independent and sweet. But to my surprise... They turned out to be opposite of what I've expected. They're very respectful, smart, and sweet. They're not spoiled brats who just cries in one corner of the room if their wishes aren't being follwed. I wish, all the kids in the world would grow up to be this way. If this would be the case, I'm sure the world would become a better place. If they want to buy somehting, and they're parents says no... They'de just say "okay." :) Whenever something wrong happens, they panic and always think it was they're fault (which I think is so cute..). Props to the parents as well for managing to raise good kids like them. They never laid a hand whenever their kids do something bad. I've always believed that hitting your child is not a way positive reinforcement. What they do is, they punish them by grounding or by standing in one corner facing the wall. :D It may all sound easy... But most couples can't pull it off. As a couple, you must stand side by side whenever setting up rules for your children. Don't let the kids find a loop hole within the bond... Or else, you'll be in trouble. I look forward in making my own family. But I'm not excited to get there yet. I be someone before I settle down.


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