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Dodging the a(h1n1) Virus

A big scare occured in our house today. My youngest sister came home with a fever. She has been having cough and colds for a week now and she has been suffering from sore throat for more than two weeks. We weren't that alarmed when she came up with the fever just earlier.. We were more worried when she had the sudden onset of rash in her arms and when she started getting chills. We were considering she might have the swine flue or dengue fever. So, my mom decides to take her to the hospital and I tagged along.

When we got to the said hospital, everybody was wearing disposable facial masks (except for us.. so we had to buy our own), There were a few patients there who had suspected that they may have swine flu as well. My sister was accommodated really fast since we were the first people there. The resident doctor did her assessment and acquired her medical history. She was very confident to inform us that my sister didn't have to undergo the swine flu screening because she didn't have it. She said that she was probably experiencing these signs and symptoms as a complication of her severe tonsilitis. We were very relieved to hear this! :)

We didn't even take up thirty minutes inside the emergency room. The resident doctor just did her assessment, health teaching, and prescribed some medications. Thank God it wasn't anything serious... :)

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  1. Bogie said...
    Wheew!!!! Thank God.

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