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Hello and welcome to my site. A personal page for me to blog about my experiences, spur of the moment thoughts, feelings, travel, and etc. I hope you have fun reading my entries as much as I enjoyed writing them. Please feel free to leave your comments and messages.

Accounting Mistake

I had a phone call the other day from the accounting department from the previous hospital I've worked for. It turns out that Lisa, one of the employees there made a mistake in encoding some informations in her computer. I received 1,300 Php a month ago from the hospital thinking that it was still part of my last allowance. I even confirmed to both the HR and Accounting office if I still had money to claim and they said yes. Now, after almost three weeks they'd be calling me to say that I have to give the money I received back to them because they just made an error. It's okay that I had to return the money. I just find it such a big hassle for me to go back there!!! When their the ones who made the mistake. They just can't expect me to go out of my way to go to them as soon as possible. urgh!!!! We're not talking about a huge amount here, so I don't even think of just keeping it for myself. I am worth more than that. I just don't like the thought that they'd be bugging me every now and then on when I could give it back. If they want it so bad, then they should come to me! lol! This makes me sound like a diva... lolz! I''m just really upset over this. If I was just a mena person, I'd let the person who commit mistake take a fall.... So that she could learn her lesson... But I'm nice... :S They'll just have to wait until I'm available. Hay!


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